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  1. Hi My system is not design this way so I don't think a venturi will be efficient in it.. I found a quiet air pump anyway. Thanks tho! Ok so maybe it's better to get the smaller diffuser then! I'm afraid that if it's too large the media aren't gonna move properly inside the barrel... Alright thanks. I'll check it out tomorrow but at the moment I'm looking for a "dry" pond pump. I think the "Aquaforte DM-5000" will suit my system pretty well.. Cheers
  2. Alright thanks! I wasn't sure about the ceramic balls so after reading some more infos I'm not going to go for this pump.. The sound level is too high! I need a quiet pump or it will soon go on my nerfs.. I'll buy a membrane aeration disk then, more pro in longterm talking. I have the choice between 27cm and 34cm, which one do you think is more suitable for a 55 gallons drum?
  3. Hi, Thanks for the link to your mbbr Cecile. I just bought a 55 gallon drum (pretty sure is the same type you're using). I also found a nice deal on a 60lpm air pump which comes with 6 small 2inch round ceramic balls diffusers. It cost the same than the 50lpm one, it' the same brand and I have the diffusers for free. I can easily fix the connector in the bottom of the barrel and use 4 balls for the mbbr and the 2 other ones in each fish tank. I'm wondering if it's going to do a good job? I can manage to immobilize the balls together in the bottom-center of the drum if the air needs to be diffused evenly... What's your thoughts? I also found 100 liter of BLACK Helix biomedias for 70€. Does someone know if there's a efficiency difference in the medias if the color is not white?! Might be a dumb question I know but I prefer to ask.. Alright, I have some more time to dedicate to my project now so I'll get back to work! Will post some pictures soon! Cheers
  4. Alright thanks! I'll purchase the 50 lpm air pump then. Just found a good deal for 100 liters of "Helix" biomedias (70€). I was also wondering, which membrane diffuser are more suitable to fix in the bottom of the mbbr? Is it the air stones?
  5. Hi, I was reading some informations about Kaldness k1 and I came across this: Quantity of media : Air pump 50 to 75 liters : 70 liters / min 75 to 100 liters : 95 liters / min 100 to 150 liters : 130 liters / min 150 to 200 liters : 150 liters / min I'll be using around 100 liters of medias. I was thinking about running it with a 50lpm air pump; Should I upgrade it to 100lpm?! It seems really powerfull for the size of my system... You're running 113 liters of media in your 208 liters tank with a 60 lpm air pump (which is also used to diffuse air into your ft), right? How's it going on for you?
  6. Hi Cecil, Just found 2 small size second hand hamster balls for dirt cheap! I'll be using 2inch pipes and a 800gph pump so it looks good! Is there a reason to cut the top of the drum? If I just create a crack on top of the barrel for the CO2 to escape it's good enough, right? I'm going to do some research to find the right air pump. Linear pumps looks really nice but the price is high (around 200€ ?!)... The fact that I'm not going to heat the water might change the capacity of the pump I'll be using so it's better to be sure about it. Thanks a lot!
  7. I can see that! Thanks a lot for all these usefull informations guys! I'm not going to heat my tanks so I'll definitely need a 200L barrel, especially during winter season! Like ande said, I don't have to fill it all up at ounce so it's a good idea to go big on the barrel size (there's not a big price difference between the two barrels and the space is available anyway). I'll also use Uniseals on almost all my fittings, such a big price difference! This filter seems really nice!! The hamster balls give a great design. Do you know if the fact that they're spheres helps the mbbr to be more efficient? Because I can also use simple screw caps with holes, it will be stronger and easyer ton instal. Is the bottom hole of the mbbr used to enter the electrical cable of the air pump? I'm having a hard time trying to understand what he's doing in the bottom of the barrel. Basicly he's just creating an "air intake", right? So what i'm going to do in the bottom of my barrel really depend on which kind of pump I'll be using I guess... Seems like he's using a too powerfull pump for a filter of this size, right? I would like to save money on energy as much as I can so if an air stone will do the job I'll go for it. Do you have any recommandations about the air pumps? Or a post I should read? You're right, I'll go for the 200L then. Thanks for the EG's video, looks like Paul really know his stuff. Alright, now that you give me the directions, let's start the quest of the holy 5 wagon wheel media! Cheers
  8. Hey ande, Thanks for the tip! I just have enough room for a 200L barrel between my two FT. The problem is mostly the cost of the Kaldness K1!! The cheapest I have found at the moment is 150€ for 100L shipping incl... I read in a post that you had better deal in Norway. Do they deliver to Belgium? After using the calculators it seems a 100L barrel will do the job but I will be "surfing on the edges" when my firts fishes will start to be plate size..
  9. Just found the "Aquaculture Bio Filter Sizing" by Paul Van Der Werf.. So I got the info. It's not that simple tho..
  10. Hi everybody, I'm planning to instal a MBBF running on Kaldness K1 into my system and I was wondering which barrel size would be more adequate. I Have 2 FT (1000L and 700L) and I'll be raising different varieties of eatable local fishes. Overtime, I want to maximise the amount of fishes per tank. Is a 60L barrel large enough? Or should I use a 100L one? Also, what's the best amount of media to put in? Is it 50% or 60%? Thanks for your help!
  11. Hi Kellen, Thanks, the pleasure is mine! Hi Gary, Unfortunately, my system will not be able to work in bioponic mode if I don't use 2 pumps.. Plus, the pump I'm going to use is a small 10W pump suitable for 3000L and 3 meter high. The design I'm planning to create with my vertical growing system will be higher than this. Because the pumps only consume 10W, after a couple of years I'll get the money I put into the pumps back on electricity savings (didn't found any pump able to do the entire job by itself for less than 30W). Spring has arrived here, my baby plants start to get impatient. I want to be able to start my system before my fish tank is cycled.
  12. Forgot to tell.. My system is largely inspired by LeonHugo Bonte's latest system "Hybrid Hybrid" and GaryD "Online Urban Aquaponics Manual"!
  13. Hi, After reading some posts here and there and following your advices, I changed the layout of my system. I decided to put the pump inside the moving bed bio-filter. The water goes from there to both of the fish tanks. A skimmer connect the first fish tank to the second one, where another skimmer connect it to the radial flow separator. The water coming out of there goes to 2 valves, which gives you the option to isolate the fish from the growing system by switching them on and off. When the valvles B are on and the A are off, the water flow continuously to the 3 grow beds and the 2 rafts, and goes back to the moving bed bio-filter. I'm also connecting a plastic drum between the two grow beds on the other side, which will gives me the possibility to run the system as bioponic and add some more power for the vertical tower system extension I'll add later on. What do you guys think about it? I still need to add a packed media filter, right? If so, where should I put it?
  14. Sorry I'm having a hard time dealing with these MultiQuote..
  15. Hi Gary, Thank you, I'm glad to join your community! We decided to cut the joints, for the beauty of the structure. You should go ahead and build one! It's unique! Well, all the pleasure is mine. It's really good stuff! So, if I have a continuous waterflow of 10cm high in the bottom of a 30cm high growbed filled up with clay pebbles, the fact that it will "wick" the water is better for the roots, right? If I choose to put gravels, my small plants will have a hard time to acces to the water in their early days and I don't want to water them until they are able to acces to the bottom.. I'l go for the radial separator then! Unfortunatelly, I already bought the IBC's so I'll have to deal with it. I think the way I designed my layout fits the IBC's quite well into the dome.. But you're right, my greenhouse sure lend itself to tanks that are round! Thanks for all these precious informations Gary, It's going to keep me on the move! Cheers