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  1. yeah sounds like a mink …they go right through that size fence, are they locked in at night?
  2. Hey victory it seems that your name is ross? Nice to find out you are so close.. the setup i am running now is a pilot for an operation I want to build just like yours. Can i come and visit?, I have a million questions about the basement setup under the greenhouse.. didn't see any pics on your Facebook site? I have been experimenting with temps too, 65F seems to be the threshold for reasonable consumption of food, 70 is way better. I ran the tanks at 82-86 last year through most of the winter to see how much wood i would consume, and to get a feel for fish growth and greenhouse production. I have also been systematically trialing every crop, annual and perennial, i can think of in system to see what is going to work out when. A few crops that seem to be working. I have had really great results with herbs parsley, oregano, mint, rosemary, basil etc all produce like crazy, and as you know up here fresh herbs are super premium. I had amazing production with figs last year and will be repeating that again this year. I am very interested in perennial production. I think we could be growing strawberries and beat everyone to market by a month or more up here using the model they use in Florida for strawberries.the list goes on.. I do have one question for you, how come you used stainless for the coils in the tanks? I just used pex and it seems to be fine? also wondering what species of tilapia you are growing? Caveat, I have not spent considerable time in researching existing models yet, wanted to go into this at the pilot scale with no preconceptions,,,
  3. hey there I have been enjoying my aquaponics system in vermont for two winters. I have a 17x28' greenhouse attached to the south side on my house. I have heated it for 11 winters successfully. I have 75-100 16 month old tilapia in 1000 gallon tank (approx 2.5 lbs), i heat the tank with a coil from my wood boiler. the tank, bed and sump act as the radiator to heat the greenhouse down to 0F. below that i must supplement the heat, either with a wood stove or lp gas. I have learned a lot about running aquaponics and what to crop to grow when in the grow bed.. would love to talk to other cold climate folks about lessons learned, plant cropping, temperature extremes for fish, other species that are successful in this climate, just compare notes in general. look forward to hearing from you. buzz