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  1. Sure, but a $1 million expansion to double their production... you can see they didn't invest anywhere near $1 million to get where they are.
  2. It's great that they finally resolved their "feud" and got back rolling; but a "$1 million expansion" seems a little sketchy. http://www.kansascity.com/news/business/article102145112.html
  3. Yeah, we won!
  4. That seems pretty unlikely unless they didn't clean their IBC's prior to using them; IBC's are intended to be cleaned and re-used: Guidelines for the Reuse of Intermediate Bulk Containers Even if they contained "acutely dangerous material" they are cleaned out and re-used.
  5. I don't understand "A". Is the upper (3-way) valve supposed to be a diverting valve or a mixing valve? If it's a "mixing" valve, you don't need the other valve - if it's a "diverting" valve it won't do anything (useful) the way you have it drawn. If you can find/afford a mixing valve then "A" should do what you want without the other valve; but two 2-way valves (as "B") are probably a lot cheaper?
  6. Maybe so, but I'll bet a lot more people saw the movie than read the book.
  7. I can't believe they actually called it Soylent; that's some funny stuff right there. https://www.youtube.com/embed/6zAFA-hamZ0
  8. Cool. They have a note about "packing" the dry ice firmly and filling any remaining voids with packing material to reduce sublimation and make the dry ice last longer. But, I'm out of my depth here... no point in me just quoting them. I really thought the "yield" would be over 50% in any sort of contraption that was actually designed to produce dry ice.
  9. I'm not sure, reading their site they recommend 1.5" to 3" insulation, but there are 3 levels of "frozen" for food items in their info. They claim up to 47% yield with their machine.
  10. Yeah, not if these recommendations are correct... 25# of dry ice to ship 5# of food in 3 days? http://www.polar-tech.com/dry_ice_guide_table.htm I thought it was more like 1# dry ice per 1# of food.
  11. No, not that I could tell... Atlanta maybe? I don't like that, when fuel prices dropped by 50%... there was still a "fuel surcharge" on my bill (I mean, they knew they were going to have to use some fuel when they set the rates, right?) and I get tired of having to "verify" every detail of our account every single time I call; but overall they do a pretty good job.
  12. We have the same problem, however every single time in the past 18 years that I have actually called and disputed their "audit"... they have dropped the adjusted charge. I don't call if the $$$ is less than the time to make the call is worth and I suppose they bank on that,,, but they have been good about the ones I called about.
  13. You're welcome, hope it works out. FWIW, I just now sent a 1# 9oz package to Miami, Florida (from Wisconsin) so I ran it both (3) ways: UPS Ground was $9.89; they pick it up and it arrives Tuesday. USPS.com Priority 2-day was $10.25 but arrives Saturday (Monday because it's a business address) and Stamps.com Priority Mail 2-day was $8.92 also arriving Saturday (Monday)... but I have to drive to the post office or pay $20 versus having UPS pick-up here. (We don't have regular mail delivery, so no free pick-up from USPS apparently). Not saying any of them is necessarily great, but UPS isn't any worse than USPS. And, my intent isn't to start an arguement because I have plenty of issues with UPS... from losing/damaging packages to charging me extra because after they smash the package it becomes over-size!
  14. I don't know for sure; but 50 pounds should be 50 pounds whether it's as gas, liquid, or solid? Have you tried any of the "thermapak" type cold packs? About $1/pound but I haven't tried them versus dry ice: http://www.axizz.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=01104
  15. Well, there is some cost for them to have the truck stop and the driver come in to get the packages and load them up; I guess I would rather pay a fixed $11.50 than a higher rate that would cost more the more we ship? Anyway, I do use some CO2 here. It costs $21 to fill the little tank (about 15" high x 5" dia) about the size of a 10# fire extinguisher. A 50# cylinder costs $44 to refill; but I would just guess you might get 25# - 30# of dry ice due to what gasses off while you're doing it?