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    Born in Dublin, Ireland. Emigrated to Toronto to pursue a career in Industrial Design. I'm more so interested in building the hardware of an aquaponics system rather than enjoying the spoils. Keen to learn from other members. I am on a budget, so I will be starting small scale. Looking forward to sharing what I know with you all.
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  1. Thanks Ande. Great guide.
  2. Hello! My name is Niall and I am interested in starting my own small scale aquaponics system. I first learned about aquaponics when I read about the Aqualibrium system. The system looks great, but is pricey, and seems as though it doesn't give you the option to expand. So my intention is to: Build a small system, roughly the same size Aqualibirum. Their grow bed is 1.5ft x 1.5ft, as is their fish tank. Source materials as cheap as possible, even free if I have to. Any tips or advice on sourcing or salvaging equipment is welcome. Seek advice on climate control. I intend to locate my system in my bathroom, located on an exterior wall. The pipes freeze in the winter and there's no air-con for the 30 degree summers. Seek advice on grow bed material, I am aware of expandable clay, I am also somewhat knowledgeable on composting. Seek advice on cycling, I have the time and patience to run trial and error. However I don't not have the funds to afford expensive tester kits, or replacement fish. Connect with other Aquaponics community members locally. Seeing a farm in person would help a lot. To get started, I have a 25 litre clear plastic tote from Home Depot that I got for cheap. I'm not sure if it's BPA free and I doubt it's meant to hold water. However, it is flexible and appx. 10 inches tall. I have attached an image. Is the volume too small? I will up scale if necessary. Should I use this as a grow bed or fish tank? Please elaborate. Can you recommend a pump for a farm of this size? Post a link please. What fish can you recommend for a farm of this size? What growing material do you recommend? How should I start cycling? Any other advice welcome. So that's it for my intro, I'm keen to start this project as soon as possible so I'll have fresh veg for the summer. Thank you in advance for all your help, and I look forward to learning from you all. Niall