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  1. It's just a regular 10 gallon system you buy at the store I've done 2 50% water changes and I conditioned the water before I put the fish in...I wanted to start small and let this tank stabilize so I can use the water and the fish to put it to the 55 gallon system
  2. I'm setting up an aquaponics system soon but first I got a 10 gallon tank and 4 goldfish to start with and the tank has been running for about a month now but two fish have died and one of the remaining two has started getting reddish black spots and it's tale is turning that same color and it's not doing much swimming. Also I can't get my ph levels or anything to level out or even come down...
  3. I'm not worried about the weight I'm in the bottom apartment so my deck is on the ground. I plan on setting my fish tank on the ground then my beds elevated behind the tank then a dump tank behind the grown beds. what exactly does the dump tank do and any ideas on what kind of pump to use? thanks
  4. I live in an apartment and I'm looking to do a barrel set up on my back porch...I plan on using a 55 gallon drunk cut in half for my grow beds and another 55 gallon drum for the tank but I'm not exactly sure on how I go about getting started or what all I need to get to get going. I already have a 20 gallon tank going and stabilized that I plan on using to get my bigger tank going please help thanks