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  1. Ok here goes one of my other Passions is field days, trade shows , swap days ,and steam rallys. As i have got older the showsect have got bigger and my legs have hot tired So i bought a bike with an electric motor and a battery pack on the carrier it was ok but after a few beers very unstable so idea a trike looked on the internet $1200 up then i came on these $299 brand new got it assembled it and then pulled my bike apart for the electric bits one problem trike had 24 in wheels my bike 26 in wheels so i had to extend the forks 1 in the finnished article is a stable bike that does 25 kmh with a 25 km range its got a 500 watt motor [yea i know you are only allowed 200 ] just dont pass a cop car when you are crusing the street So far its been to a steam rally but as the old saying the best is yet to come
  2. Now i can post photos heres the proof
  3. So after 9 hrs digesting the paper seams like most backyard systems are close to the specks There is always the odd one out doesent mean that system is no good Here the other day on one of the forums somebody put up never do such and such it will lead to disaster i put i have been doing that for 4 years the answer i got was yea but it will crash some day A lot of systems have the capacity to crash some day Saying that a lot do but you never hear about them if you keep an eye on the forums you will always see where people put in 100 or so fish 50 fish whatever but very few show successfull fish harvest plenty photos of plants but few fish Theres a chance all systems will have hsm Ballarat trout farm been running 100 years has just the last few years had major crashes one contaminated water from there bore the other a newwby mowed the lawns ane spewed the grass into the ponds
  4. My system is a bit off but after 4 years successfull running i dont think i will change
  5. Yes just roughly looking at it seems backyard ap systems are pretty spot on
  6. Do you mean to that i better pull my system that has been running successfully on a mixture of duckweed and fish pellets for the last 4 years down and start again as Gary said depends on your system
  7. Yep went to lake goldsmith steam rally it was so bad they cancelled the last day 1 st time in history
  8. Looks like he has taken your advice
  9. Camping dont talk about it freezing cold rained all weekend forgot to take a can opener [dar near starved ] disloged the aerial on the caravan roof it started leaking over the bed had to get towed out of the park [bloody mud]
  10. Chop or whatever you name and who ever invented it and named it that i dont care it does work i have 4 running 3 with 90 mm risers and one with a 50 mm riser the only one thats not working properly is the 50 mm one thats because its at one end is a 2.5 metre tank doesent mater theres a few godies and silvers in there As Gary said its good to see the poop rising and beeing distributed On the three 90 mm ones i have never swept brushed or cleaned these tanks in 3 years
  11. The way you have been firing lately i mite ring Jan and get her to give you a few drops to see if it will quieten you down
  12. Have a good weekend i am off camping cheers
  13. Its a pain without photos on the old threads
  14. Just a snippet from microponic systems aquaponic shop rush creek This raises another point - you do not have to run water from the fish tank to the grow beds and back. This is a misnomer. So long as the water is circulating through the whole system the effect will be the same! We have done tests on this very principle. In this case the water goes from the sump to the fish tank and back and from the sump to the grow beds and back. This gives us a huge advantage in that we can turn off the full grow bed system and leave the water circulating for the fish. This was posted by Martin seems like chop 2 to me
  15. Just thinking if you want an ibc theres one allready cut at the sunbury tip for $50.00