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  1. not really, i wouldnt have a problem with putting them in the same tank unless you are breeding and specifically dont want crosses.. and by reeding, i dont think you have to try, they just will. the fry are very small and will likely drain into the other tank tho. if its a relatively small tank most wont survive predation. just depends on what your goals are.
  2. this is a very old thread but i will go ahead and advise, i am pretty sure the Hawaiian golds are not a species , there are just Mozambique( O. mossambicus ) bread for their recessive color trait. blue (Oreochromis aureus) and nile (O. niloticus) are other species...That's not a comprehensive list by any means but they are the most common ones i see in the U.S. There is another popular strain which i call "hornorum" some people call it a "wami" which is Oreochromis urolepis hornorum . The other species of tilkapias (nile, blue, mozambique) tilapias have X and Y chromosomes to determine sex. The hornorum has something different like Z and W. So hybrids are all male. Which is interesting for commercial production but the wami is considered to be more invasive and aggressive than others and is prohibited in more places than some of the other varieties. Usually "red" are niles bread for color too but maybe other species can be red too, not certain. And usually "white" are a cross between blue and nile After saying all of that, i have a lot of experience raising and breeding tilapia but i wouldnt recommend them for a backyard aquaponics system in the temperate U.S. There;s usually a lot better , more temperature tolerant options for people.
  3. I am still waiting for 2019 for the texas legislature to reconvene and hopefully finish passing that backyard chicken bill. But thankfully there has been some civil disobedience in my city which has resulted in the issue getting re-addressed by the city council. At first i thought it was going to get dumpstered and railroaded by ignorance (again) [cause, apparently this comes up every 10 years or so] but the lady that is appealing the rule got something around 1000 signature on her petition (the city is about 40k population) so i dont think city council is going to be able sweep it away without reasons this time. That's not to say theres has not been a lot of opposition.. I know from my neighborhood social media groups that a lot of people are STRONGLY against other people having backyard chickens . The against arguments that i have heard are , in my opinion, not based on facts or real world data. one of the city council people posts recaps of the meetings and this is what his notes said on the issue of backyard chickens ref:
  4. Hi,I bought a lot of MBBR media for my 5000 gallon system in 2015. I used most of it but i had one box left over that i thought i was going to use for a secondary project but i never did.The media is still in original packaging and never been used.Its allied aqua brand mbbr media.. ths link is exactly what i boughthttps://alliedaqua.com/equipment-and-su ... -feet-box/selling for $80 oboThe box and media has been stored indoors for the last 2-3 years. So no exposure to UV or temps that would degrade the quality in any way.
  5. ande, i am not 100% certain. I got this cooler second hand and i am not the type of person to look up manuals online.. i just wired the cable to a 120V plug and connected 2" pvc to the in and outlets... I really had no idea how it would work or if it would work... The fan on top has a label and appears to pull about 3 amps on a 120V plug so thats about 400 watts/hr. I dont know what the sump pump draws , and it only runs a few seconds out of every minute... but i could definately save power if i redesigned it to drain back into the systrem instead of needing to be pumped out of the pan. The aquaponic pump (the pump in my aquaponics sump) pumps the water into the chiller and then it just drips the water over the surface area and a fan blows on it. then the water drips into the chiller catch pan and when the catch pan fills up the sump pump in the bottom pumps the cooled water back into the system. now that its online i realize i need a catch pan underneath the catch pan because if/when the sump pump fails i am going to have a huge mess and probably dead fish... it would have been easy to set it up so it just drains back into the system and doesnt use the chiller pump at all (which i will probably redo it in the fall for next summer so that it works that way.
  6. Temperatures are starting to creep up to where it's very uncomfortable to work outside. We are in the m ind 90's right now and we will start hitting 100 degrees F this week with increasing frequency for the next ~3 months. My fish tank and DWC water was already in the upper 80's so it motivated me to try to wire up and plumb in this old pool swamp cooler. It dropped water temps about 3-4 degrees the first 24 hours.. hopefully it will keep water under 80 for the whole summer.. i think high water temps was the reason for poor aquaponic plant performance last summer. The other picture is showing a power drop.. i had a circuit run to each of the two pump boxes i use in the back yard.. One runs two large air pumps and the water pump that drives the whole system. This picture is of a smaller pump box that only had 2 air pumps but now its also running the swamp cooler.
  7. i have played with the hydroponic aeroponics but not aquaponics. Academically i dont think solids are the only issue with clogging sprayers.. you could probably keep solids out with a good sand filter... i think the biofilm could end up being the problem long term.. biofilm is the natural occuring biology and microorganism colonies that start forming a slimy coat on the sides of fish tanks and in the grow beds once the system matures for a year or so
  8. The cleanup is going good and almost done.. I am still getting stuff planted.. maybe next year i can start my plants on time and be on schedule.. but the stuff in the ground seems happy. I also built a small demo system out of a 200 gallon acrylic aquarium someone was remodeling their office building and throwing it away.. I am still working on the water chemistry before adding feed trained black crappie to the system.. Currently its running with minnows and the water is amber because of the iron i added.. the eddha iron seems to affect water color the most of the chelates.. but i had to use it here because of the high PH buffering in the expanded shale substrate i am using.
  9. This weekend's project is digging trenches. I am having an electrician come out next week to wire a couple of power drops out in my back yard so i dont have to run extension chords to the aquaponics anymore. I got a bit of a startle,. I let him go, i recognize the benefits of good snakes.. especially if this is in fact a king snake.. but i dont like being around them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyydLMZr6FA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTxNtaIkxLA
  10. yah things are going good but spending all my free time working on the garden and not documenting it or updating progress.. but i am certain things will slow down when it temps hit a hundred in a couple months and i will have time to catch up on updates not aquaponics but this weekend i built a couple of kratky hydroponic beds using junk i had laying in my back yard (leftovers from other projects)
  11. Springs here and i am running way late (as usual) trying to get the yard prepped, cleaned and planted. I am taking some time off of work and taking a long weekend to hopefully get caught up. THIS MAY BE THE YEAR I GET IT ALL ONLINE!? i am pretty stoked. Here's an visual idea of the work ahead of me....
  12. Hey cecil, No i dont have any useful thoughts. I moved the other half of the feed trained crappie to an outdoor 700 gallon fish tank with a handful of tilapia..I still see crappie eating pellets but i dont know if its all or some.
  13. i have no opinion or evidence supporting one way or the other about crowding or feed... I think they are coppernose bluegill but tbh i didnt specify when i bough them but i think thats really the only BG we get around here. ~100 large-ish ~1 lb channel catfish outdoors in 1250 gallon tank (aquaponics) ~12 feed trained black crappie indoors (aquaculture) The crappie part starts at about :52
  14. Its in my front flowerbed (not in my aquaponics) but i am thinking banana's in dallas (zone 8) is noteworthy... now it's a race to ripen before first freeze....
  15. Some pictures of the bluegill tank at feeding time.. theres about 300 bg and res in this tank give or take