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  1. Thanks Ande! I'll give that a read.
  2. Hmm, I'll have to look into the Kaldnes k1. I imagine a barrel of oyster shells would be fairly heavy. Thanks Gary
  3. Thank you all for the advice. At the moment, I don't think under the deck would work for the FT. And I won't be using glass for the GH. I was thinking either poly carb sheets, or poly film. Trying to keep the weight down. I do intend to use a swirl filter and sump tank. I'm not sure where to find bio filter media in my area though. Thanks again
  4. Thank you both. I will be adding extra supports before starting with the system. I can't take all the credit for the sketchup, They have a large amount of models others have shared. which includes a number of aquaponics systems. I just did the deck area, and added some ready-made models. As such, I will be using wood supports for all GB's instead of concrete. Thanks again, I look forward to the learning experience.
  5. Hey all, I've been researching here and there, and I've decided to get things started. So I figured I would introduce myself. Me and my better half have been wanting to start for about a year now, but had nowhere to do it. Then we bought a house. I intend to start with a small 2-3 barrel system in the basement to test things out. This will eventually become a breeding system with a larger system out on the deck in a yet-to-be constructed greenhouse. I have easy access to blue barrels at decent prices, and had intended on doing everything with them. So I got myself a 1000Lph pump. Then I found an IBC for dirt cheap, and I'm concerned it might not be enough. Being in Southern Ontario, we will probably be using Yellow Perch and Blue Tilapia in our FT's I'm all-ears for any tips/suggestions. Especially in regards to building a GH on the deck. Cheers! Below is what I hope to achieve.