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  1. thank you, Gary!
  2. Thanks! Civil and electrical are nice edmolina! Since with dedication, you'll be fine whatever you decide to do Actually i've already started giving a try. Built a 30m³ tank, aluminium roof and i'm closing the place with that greenhouse plastic. Still need to build the filtering system and look for a water pumping system but that will need mor study. I'm going to the US for Farm Progress Show next month. Anybody knows if I'll see something about aquaculture there?
  3. hello everyone, greetings from Brazil! i'm an agronomic engineer, my graduation was last year. 3 or 4 years ago my mother told me about fish being farmed in tanks inside a barn or something like this.. she saw it on tv and it was my first contact with something that would make me interested in pisciculture. after reading lots of articles and watching many videos, finally found this forum which seems to be pretty good because experience is much better than books and i guess you got that experience! i'm very new to aquaculture and specially interested in RAS system sorry for any english mistakes and that's all i'd like to say for now