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  1. The type i got was trigonia carbonia i believe. Gary some photos coming but not a lot to see a the moment with the lousy weather.
  2. We are located near Parramatta(Sydney) and yes i got them from Zabel, they have settled in quite well and are fasinating to watch. They supply all the info you need, placement & direction and will answer any questions you have. Dont have any pictures yet, you need to give them a month to settle into theyre new home, but do a search on native bees, theres lots of info and lots of photos, also on youtube there's some video of them and others.
  3. My native bees are settling in quite well, they are very much like me , when the weathers not good they go back to bed. I didnt relise they were so small, nothing like imported honey bees. hope they pollinate my plants well.
  4. Yes stingless australian native bees
  5. Finally get my native bees on wednesday Yeh cant wait,I've wanted some for a quiet a while. Should bee Fantastic.
  6. yes i bought one similar from someone else but found it was too consistant with feeding, if the fish weren't hungary they still got fed and i was getting a buildup of uneaten food and it was going off and dirtying the tank so i went back to manual feeding and when i go away i get one of the neighbors to feed for me. Hope this helps
  7. Welcome , where abouts in sydney are you
  8. has anyone in sydney got native stingless bees please
  9. Thanks if i can grow them that well i'll be estatic. yeh cant wait.
  10. Can someone tell me how well do passionfruit do in aquaponics please
  11. watching a garden show the other night they claim that if you put a white egg shell in your garden the white butterflys won't touch your plants, dont know if it works but might give it a go.
  12. if you raise the water for seedlings, does that mean you have to make a completly new bell syphon for this?
  13. How far below the top of the gravel should the water be in the growbed please.
  14. Thanks everyone redid air tube and it works. thankyou
  15. yes i have air tubes on both of them and i couldn't find any air leaks,puzzling.