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  1. This information is great - keep it coming! What we are looking for is a practical way to bring Aquaponics to an isolated refugee camp in the desert of North Africa. Everything they eat and drink is shipped into them. They are trying to garden, but very little yield. The ideas and suggestion shared so far are a tremenous help as we think through this possible solution. thanks - looking forward to hearing more!
  2. We are discussing the use of aquaponics in desert areas where materials are scarce. Has anyone experimented with using sand as a grow bed media? Pea gravel and any commercial media would not be practical. Ideas? thanks!
  3. I am looking for several distributors of Tilapia fingerlings in the USA. Checking prices and the like. I live on the east coast (Virginia) - any recommendations?
  4. Thanks for the wisdom. I am encouraged by what I have seen via the web so far. And you are right - I need to learn by getting my hands dirty - or should I say wet!
  5. Greetings, I am a newbie searching out the possibilities of doing aquaponics in by backyard, seeing if it can go beyond that. I will be also researching how this can be used in poor areas of the world. So in short - researching as much as I can and doing some possibility thinking. I plant to construct a small backyard unit in the next few months. I am looking forward to learning all I can. Thanks to this forum, I think I can glean a lot and hopefully save myself from costly mistakes. Don Strategic Church Network