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  1. [ATTACH]7276[/ATTACH] Lots of great information on this site and I appreciate everything learned from all the posts. Beginning my first system (see attached design) and have the two tanks installed and now working on the rest of the system. Using an 1,800 gph or 1,100 gph pump after considering head. Haven't decided on fish type - catfish (masa), tilapia, hybrid striped bass? The plan is to have a max fish load of 300 lbs and may add grow beds and filters to keep up with fish as they reach this weight size. Pumping from sump into radial filter, from there to swirl/bio-filter, both with cone bottoms and then splitting the majority to the fish tank with the balance going to the grow beds allowing a flood and drain cycle of around 23 minutes. FT will be constant height draining back to sump and both GBs drain back to sump via bell siphons. Any feedback on this design is appreciated. Plan.pdf