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  1. Mike Bush has written a lot on bees and has a web site that is free. He also has a book available, however everything that is in the book is on his web site for free. He is also active at which is a great web site/blog. On the home page (not the froum) there are also a lot of free plans for making your own hardware. Good luck, Mike
  2. Pretty much, but I am using soil in my raised beds an occasionally use compost tea as a substitute. I cannot find 16 16 16 fertilizer but use 13 13 13 instead, like LDSPrepper referenced above.
  3. Gary, This is where I started, got the book there and buy the trace elements to add to fertilizer there too. A good source of informative videos is ldsprepper on YouTube. I have met him as well as Jim Kennard at a seminar. It is a very productive raised bed method.
  4. Just found/joined this site and am researching AP systems. Ideally I would like to get more property, erect a greenhouse and build my AP system in it. I will probably use Tilapia due to our temperatures here. I am reviewing turnkey systems but it looks more limited for base components than Australia or England for example. I am currently a bee keeper 6 hives as of 6 Apr. 2013, make home made beer, do veggie gardening (Mittleider raised bed). Anyway greetings and I will be data mining to see what everyone is sharing! Thanks, Mike