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  1. Good morning APHQ:) Its been such a looooooong time since my last log in to the forum. Sometimes family & work stuff unfortunately does that to your online playtime. ...but I hope everyone has been well during my absence from here ! I suppose I better get out in the yard...I think I'm a tad overdue for a pic update;)
  2. Hi everyone, nice to be back. Only just recently returned from an o/s trip to Germany which was great. Awesome to see the sights/snow/locals etc. But that's great to be back in t-shirt weather too ! AP beds are overgrown & much has gone to seed....but the great news is I returned home to no fish losses at all.....thanks to my Dad ! .....more on all of this in the next day or two Cheers !
  3. Hi mate, Yes, its there as a back up pump in case of a power outage. It runs off a car battery that is hooked up to a trickle charger to keep it topped up. It comes on automatically if the power goes out & is enough to keep the GB's going & to operate a small venturi. I normally deliberately flick the power off once a month to check thats its operating fine. Longest I've had the power off here at home in the last few years was for a little over 4 hours IIRC. It was still operating fine after that time frame....& probably could have gone for another couple of hours before the battery ran out ? I also keep another car battery (also trickle charged) in the shed which I can exchange to keep the system going longer if necessary. ...but I'd start to run into trouble if the power was ever out longer than 10-12 hours I reckon.
  4. Very sorry to hear of the loss of your nephew Kellen, Best wishes to you & your family.
  5. LOL...many years ago I was fishing for trout in a small river in the Snowy Mountains up near Adaminaby. The water was crystal clear & cold...& the trout were biting too ! All morning I drank water from this beautiful was so refreshing ! Around lunch time I went for a walk upstream...only had to walk about 50 or 60 feet before I found a dead, decomposing cow in the water !
  6. Thanks Gary, I think the problem may have been me trying to post too many pics in the one message ? If I put no more than 3 pics in per message then everything works fine...any more than that & I run into difficulty. Now that I've worked it out its no problem, I just post an extra message or two to get them up there.
  7. ...and some more. Capsicum. Got given some Cuc's from a guy at work...with no room in the GB's...they've gone into pots too. Still picking a few beetroot every couple of days too.
  8. Heres a pic update of whats in the pots. Eggplant. Snow peas. Chilli.
  9. ...and a few more.
  10. Tried posting some updated pics earlier this week, but kept getting error messages when I hit the 'submit reply' button...but I'll give it another go now *fingers crossed*
  11. Pulled out some more of the beetroot from the main system.
  12. I looked it up..looks like we'll get some (hopefully) decent rain in approx a fortnight.
  13. Yeah...they'd be a seam bowlers delight.
  14. I've probably still got 50+ of them growing in both dirt & AP. I love to eat them roasted (I throw them in the oven / kettle BBQ about 10 mins before I throw in the potatoes). The other great thing about growing Beetroot is that I don't seem to have any problems whatsoever with pests (other than the occasional possum).
  15. Took a couple of snaps yesterday to show what I meant....sure could do with some more rain.