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  1. I second Ande's suggestion to give iAVs consideration. Aquaponics seems, to me anyway, to be a balancing act that requires monitoring on a somewhat regular basis. You need to be aware of your fish load with regard to the size of your setup, you will need an outside filter/separator for the solids, you will need a mineralization tank to turn the filtered solids into minerals the plants can use, and you will need to monitor the water ph and monitor the minerals that may/may not be present to produce nice veggies. With iAVs all of the above is pretty much taken care of in the sandbeds. Cruise around these sites to learn more about iAVs. There's more, but these should keep you busy for a while. If your goal is simplicity, flexability and forgiveness of rookie mistakes, I strongly recommend iAVs. And.......the iAVs sandbeds allow for growing a wider variety of vegetables than gravel and raft beds.
  2. If ease of operation, error forgiveness, and scalability are your goals, take a look at iAVs style. Once set up it runs pretty much on cruise control. No need to constantly monitor everything, and a nice long inground fishtank with the beds built above the level of, and over, the fishtank, no sump tank would be needed. Really simple to operate and a wide variety of things can be grown without having to employ different methods of AP. Won't take long to get cramped in a 10x12 GH.
  3. Interesting, and aggressive, concept. Something else to think about ...... since you seem open to combining different AP styles into one system, why not give sandbeds/iAVs style some consideration for your filtering needs. Get your water filtered and additional growing areas at the same time, and a lot less time wasted mucking around with whatever you have to do to clean the fish tanks. The iAVs method operates quite a bit different than most aquaponic methods and would require it's own dedicated pump, timer, supply and return drain lines, but looking at the scale of the operation you envision, and the filtering requirements, iAVs just might be something to consider.
  4. Always interesting to see what is possible in the sandbeds. Seems it's going to be a short list of what won't grow in the sandbeds. Keep up the good work .
  5. Looks like what we call Elderberry around here. Has many uses. For anyone interested enough .....
  6. Nice okra. My okra is is a little behind yours by just a couple weeks. Looking forward to picking some fresh okra once again this season. The only product I'm comfortable using on a regular basis for bug control is Neem oil/water mist. Once a week, or spot spray when a bug is spotted.
  7. Recognize some of them. Need labels. Especially the white lacey flower.
  8. Ive been thinking the same thing.....where is everybody, what's going on? Maybe the weather is keeping everybody inside not doing anything with their AP systems. Waiting for the many people who have said they are starting an iAVs system to post their progress.
  9. Any progress? How about an update.
  10. Would very much like to see how the Circle of Life project is progressing.
  11. Not familiar with the valve you chose. It looks much more high tech and more expensive than what I had in mind. This is what I use.....a simple ball valve. As to the sand, Gary D. needs to come along and help on that.
  12. I think your pump should do just fine. Put valves on your supply line at the points where each line feeds each bed. You will need to control how much water flows into each bed. In doing so, the water pressure will equalize along the entire length and each bed should get plenty of water. Probably take a little trial and error to get everything set just the way you want. Plus, the situation in each bed will change along the way as each bed matures, so the valves will help keep things under control. Also, register here for additional assistance.
  13. And strawberry milk? Pink cows? Have never seen any pink cows. Must be from magic pink unicorns.
  14. I want to clarify something. I might have given the impression I added the neem oil to the tank water. The full strength Neem Oil was sprinkled on the sand so it could drain down till the flood cycle started and rinse it through. And the fish are still doing just fine.