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  1. Ok, great. I appreciate the advice from both of you. I think i will start with the seaweed with iron a little bit at a time, and just keep an eye on my PH. It get's confusing at the store when you are talking to people who know hydroponics, but not AP. They tend to make me double guess myself. I will try to let the PH drop on it's own. thanks again, Rich.
  2. I cannot find chelated iron, or a good answer on the maxicrop products i have found. No one has the maxicrop original seaweed extract, and i am not sure if the one's they have are ok for AP. There are no hydroponic stores here that are knowledgable with AP. So it has been very confusing. I cannot order online, so the maxicrop product i did find is liquid seaweed, with and without iron. Is this the same as the original seaweed extract? Is muriatic acid any different than PH down? Thanks, Rich.
  3. My system has been cycled for about a week now. In one of my beds i have a few plants that are yellowing, and a few of the lower leaves have died. The PH has climbed to 7.8- 8.0, and from what i have gathered i believe the PH recomendation is 6.8- 7.2, and i was wondering what to use to lower this without chemicals. Other than this everything seems to be great, and i wanted to thank everyone for the help. I have had to raise my lights 2" a day for the past 4 days. plants seem to be growing well other than the lower leaf issue, and a little yellowing. If this helps My nitrates have been from 10- 20 and 20- 40 ppm depending on when i test the water. I am in the process of builing a new bed, and adding a radial flow filter. Thanks again, Rich.
  4. water temp is 74* , ok i have african rift lake salt made by H20 aquatics, and have been trying to find out if it was ok for AP before i used it. I appreciate the advice, i will cut down on the feeding. thanks.
  5. I added my fish to my system 17 days ago, with a PH of 7.8 i saw the first sign of nitrites on the fourteeth day. 2 days later my ammonia level dropped to 0,PH 7.6, and the nitrites were peaked, my nitrates were between 10 and 20 ppm, and i lost 1 fish. This morning my nitrates were between 20 an 40 ppm, and because i lost another fish tonight i decided to check it again. My PH dropped to 7.2 in 12 hrs. and my nitrates dropped back down betwween 10 and 20 PPM. Do i need to add more fish i have 7 left in a 100 gal. FT. I thought i would see the nitrates peak, and then the nitrites start to drop.
  6. Great a radial flow it is then, I will dial down my air once i have cycled, and added my filter. Thanks for the help, and i will try to pass it on. My ultimate goal is to help put unhealthy food production company's out of buisness, .
  7. Thanks, So if it removes ammonia i probably would'nt want to use it atleast untill i am cycled correct. thanks again.
  8. The only problem i have with this is removing the chlorine, i know rain water is the best solution, but i have an indoor system, and we have long winters. So if, and when i would need to do a water change i need to dechlorinate. I keep a bucket sitting out just to add a little if needed. I have found a product that i was wondering if anyone new would be safe for AP. It is called DeCHLOR, made by webo product, long beach CA. Instantly removes chlorine, and reduces toxicty of common heavy metals. 1 drop per gallon, and 2 drops per gallon for chloramines. I also found a salt made by H20 aquatics african rift lake salt, some people are recommending the use of salt in AP systems for fish health. Any suggestions are apreeciated. I am trying to spread the word for AP, and want to have the best imformation possible. Thanks in advance. Rich.
  9. Thanks again gary, i'll look into those lights. My system is indoors, and has been steady at 74* water with no heater for the last 2 months, and it has been cold. Yes i understand cycling i guess i should have said circulating. My plants look great dark green, and growing. I have been searching for some of the original seaweed extract, but no one around here seems to carry it, So i guess all i need to do is add that mechanical filter, and was a spiral ok for this, or is another type better. Also i know my fish are small right now, but i have'nt seen any evidence of solids in my sump, or FT for that matter. I do have them both airated pretty good, i have wondered if i have to much airration going on? Thanks for the help, i know you must be busy.
  10. I was talking to a woman who owns a fish store, and she uses no chemicals, so other than dechlorinating the water, and adding salt. She uses DeCHLOR made by webco products inc, long beach california, there is no warnings on the label, it takes 1 drop per gallon. Has anyone heard of this stuff, and know whether it is safe for AP or not. The salt she uses is from H20 aquatics, AFRICAN RIFT LAKE CICHLID SALT
  11. I just wanted to add that i will be changing bulbs in my lights every 6 months, and my GB's have 9" of hydroton under 3" of decorative pea gravel. After washing the poop out of the hydroton, and flooding the system for 3 weeks i couldnt get the gravel to sink. The fith week i did a complete water change, and rinsed the FT, and ST out to make sure it was pretty clean. I cycled the water for 2 more weeks before i added the fish. I had my first reading of nitrites this morning, so it must be working. My GB's cycle on average in 15 min. from start of siphin to start of siphin. It takes less than 90 sec. to drain.
  12. Thanks Gary, i am using T5 flourescents 4 55 watt bulb, i think they put out 20,000 lumens. I was planing on a spiral filter if i could add more beds, would that sufice? I will add fish once it is cycled, i have ten now. I was thinking 20-25 total after cycled with 2 more beds. My goal is a 300 gal FT, for blue talapia with my existing FT as the ST, and a total of 6 GB's.
  13. I would appreciate any help, i am in the process of cycling my system. Which is a 100 gal FT, 40 gal sump, and 2 40 gal GB's. The water temp is 74*, PH is 7.8, and ammonia level is between .5 & 1 ppm i know this is a little high, but i am trying not to use any chemicals, and the comets seem to be thriving. My ?s are once i am cycled how can i safely bring down my PH without killing any bacteria, and is it fesible to add 1 or 2 more GB's to this system? Thanks in advance for any help, or critisism.