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    I am wanting to start in Aquaponics in Tasmania and would very much like to hear from Taswegians doing it already
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    Hydroponics and aquaponics

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    Brighton Tasmania
  1. Hi ande I would just like to say thanks for your help and assistance Cheers
  2. Hi ande you are saying that chelate of iron won't affect the fish I have a 4000 litre tank how much would I need to put in to start with? Cheers
  3. Hi I am having a problem with my tomatoes that are in aquaponics and using Trout. The tomatoes appear to me to be lacking iron with the yellowing of leaves, if I was still in hydroponics I would add some iron and fix the problem. What can I do in aquaponics to get over this problem ? Cheers billa14
  4. Hi Is there anyone here in Tasmania doing aquaponics that I can chat to and contact to see how to setup a system and any other info that could be available in general running etc. I would very much like to hear from you Taswegians billa14