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  1. Sorry for delay but have been away. We have a master plan for a very complex mini farm project. Will be heading back to Fl. with it. We will be combining many parts of farming together. Aquaculture, Hydroponics and Aeroponics together Plus Apiculture, Rabbitry, Poultry and egg production, Worm farming, Small Fish hatchery for Tilapia , non altered seedling production while utilizing organic pest management along with solar energy for elect. All on less then 1/2 acre. SOUND LIKE FUN ???
  2. no i was cheated real bad
  3. Would like to find 275 gal IBC containers someware convenient to Nashville / Clarksville Tennessee area asap---Any ideas --THANKS need 2 for now
  4. Tried retirement and am bored-First love in life has always been Aquaculture and greenhouse agriculture. Have been a decient size nursery owner operator, first in tennessee along with being a wholesale tropical fish distributor, Then in florida as a foliage nursery owner operator and then as a manufacturer of agricultural products such as sprayers carts trailers and greenhouses. Then into Aquaculture fabricating and building tilapia grow out systems around Florida. We had our own Hatchery and constantly experimented with both Aquaculture and greenhouse growing. Had our own fiberglass company making many sizes and types of growout tanks. Our venture ended when I sold all #1= U.S. SYSTEMS inc #2=FOG SYSTEMS inc. #3 GLASSMASTER FIBERGLASS & #4 AQUA FARM SYSTEMS witch turned out to be my lifes largest mistake. Now at my age I am wanting to be involved in AQUAPONICS