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  1. Thank you Gary and Ravnis,for your important words, my tank is madeof fiber glass, I had a sea food company in the past and I had the tank buildfor lobster storage, it was refrigerated. It’s been a while since I used it andI figure it would be a good asset for the project. I also had two four hundredgallons black tanks are manufacture use a three part system of prime grade linearpolyethylene layers and approve by the FDA for proper food and water storage. Attached yousee a picture of the tank and its plumping that was for the lobsters, which Iwould have to re-plump for the fish I believe, I was concern about getting the solids from the tank as you mentioned. I would have to research onthe filtration system you recommend and how I could build them versus buying findingthem on the island I believe is going to be a challenge. Thank you for the refrence on the Cake House Group I would look into if they are still active on setting up something on the Dutch side of the island.
  2. Dear All with-in this forum, Thank you Gary for the welcoming me to this medium, As stated I’m a newbie to this method of raising fish andplants, after pouring through quite a bit of information on this forum andonline I came up with a system setup I would like to try. Since I already havea fish tank I decided to build my system around it base on it size. I live on a tropical island where everything with regards tofood is imported and looking for an alternative way to supply my house hold andgain much experience in Aquaponics. Attached is a plan I came up with if someone could review itI would appreciated all your input on making this challenge a success. My proposed system to build is as follows; Fish Tank 880 Gallons 6 Grow Bed each 24 Cubic Feet in Size, which is 4’x6’x1’ 1 filter between the FT and the GB (this filter base on your experience whatsize and type should it be base on the size of the system. Sump Tank is on the return from the grow beds (this I also need helpdetermining the size and type for the system). I’m planning to use ¾†gravel in my grow Beds, withbell siphon, with the bell pipe diameter of 3†and stand pipe drain size of 1 ½for an ebb and flow system. (Would you recommend this for this system). Could you advise the best size PVC pipes to used for the outof the fish tank and the return via the sump, I was thinking 1†for the bluelines and 1 ½ for the red lines as per my drawing. I’m planning to used 333 fish base on my understanding onthe average is 1 fish to 10 liters of water or 2 ½ gallons per fish. What would be the best way to aerate the system, and thesize pump recommended for this size system to supply the water from the fishtank through the filter to the GB’s Any thoughts on calculating the water flow rate into and outof the grow beds and what would be the best manner of doing such. Gary I’m much interested on getting your manual, would Ihave immediate access if I purchase it online or you would have to ship me it asa hard copy. Any ideas on getting fish to my part of the world, we haveall the couriers’ service coming to my island, FedEx, DHL and UPS, what is therequirement for shipping live fish out of the US, for entry on my side I would takecare of the process on my side. I'm seeking Red Nile Tilapia or Blue. Our The average annual temperature is 80.6°F, peaking at around 89.6°F. I’m so excited on getting this up and running, you all helpis much appreciated. Much thanks. Eugene System_Design_SXM Ver 1.01.pdf
  3. I'm a newbie to this Forum and to Aquaponics in general, trying to put together a system on the island I live, first for an experiment and to monitor the progress and eventually turn it into a successful endeavor whereby I could harvest. This is a new concept in this part of the world, especially on the island where everything is imported from the USA for consumption. I'm taking my time and reviewing the postings on the FAQ and getting my feet wet in the matter, much thanks to all that make this information available to a novice like myself and one day I would be verst and abreast of the new world of Aquaponics.