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  1. Just realized that the sub surface continuous flow is the way I'm wanting to do it. Still new to all the terms of Aquaponics, thanks for the help. Really enjoying learning about how all this works.
  2. Hey Gary thanks for the fast reply, I meant from the grow beds I was gonna use a bell siphon, but you say the sub surface continuous flow would be better? How does that work exactly? I need to do some more research. Thanks again
  3. Well my plan is to start with an IBC ft, 3 grow beds, 1 sump, and a swirl filter. Can I use a 2" pipe coming from the ft to the filter, and then from the filter to the sump, if so, can I take the 2" pipe all the way to the sump, or should I reduce?? Then from the sump I want to use a 1" bell siphon to the sump, and 3/4" from sump to grow beds and ft. Does this sound like a plan that would be okay? I hope I'm clear with what I'm asking, any help or correction is much appreciated.
  4. Would it be a good idea to use the bottom of an IBC tote to make a duck weed tank? If so, would I need to paint the tank? Also, somewhere I read that a duck weed tank does best if the water does not move, is that accurate? Thanks guys
  5. I have access to a pond that has been around for 40+ years, it is already stocked and is a clean, well maintained pond. It's probably as big as an acre or more. If the ph is normal, does it make sense for me to start out with the pond water? If I can, would that mean that I could put fish in sooner? Need to know if this is a good idea or not.
  6. Thanks for the help guys, I will definietly check out that FAQ page.
  7. Hey everyone, my question is regarding a biofilter. I'm definietly a newb and I'm starting out with an IBC system, 1 FT, a sump, and 3 grow beds. Do I need a biofilter, if so, do I put it before or after the sump, and when I have to drain the solids how do I replenish the water that comes out of the filter? Need help, thanks guys.
  8. Hello everyone, looking forward to all the Aquaponic information I can get. Well my plans are to start out with the ibc system and to get some experience going that route. My first question is, do I need a filter on a system that small? Also, has anyone used pex pipe for their plumbing? I was thinking that might be good to use cause you don't have to worry about the pipes bursting in cold weather, and it's flexible. Probably been covered already, but just curious. Thanks