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  1. Hi Gary, I am in a third world country.Surrounded by third world countries.Here market and services are so limited...Postman is unknown creature.Even DHL parcel is delivered to......their main office-you have to pick it up!Limited market, untranslatable labels-two good reasons for DIY!Farming is on very poor level.No fish pallets,no rabbit pallets,no barley,no iron chelate-these are just few things I really need.And you can NOT trust the market labels!Kelpak I used in the beginning had sulfur dioxide!!! inside.I HAVE to go really organic and DIY.No choice-no problems-only one way to go(or not). STILL IMPROVING!!! Pictures are six days old. STILL IMPROVING!!!
  2. Thanks Gary for the tip.But what can I use(garlic, tobacco,soap-NO, molasses and tomato-do not help)? I Made some other changes-I covered the FT with old foam mattress(temp. drops to 10C at night and will reach -5 in May-June), took out tomato and chilly(replanted in underground and adapted perfect!)and replace them with spinach(seeds straight in GB on wet/dry border). In the evenings at water temp. 22C I stop circulation to GB(aeration and kind of surface wave maker in FT remain).I turn it on again at sunrise-temp. drops to 20C and slowly goes to 27C during the day.Maybe the low temps. reduced drastically insects activity in the ground system. But not underground. Still the improvement there is BIG!!! Cucumbers are growing(I had to bend them horizontally) and flowering! One of the tomatoes (25 inch) also shows sings of flowers! Other one(mini tomato) is giving me 1!!! daily!!!As soon as the fish pallets are not on the market, my fish are eating dog pallets and growing-so far NO deaths!!!Is it good idea to give them beef(meat not fat)?Somewhere I red,that,any food from hot-blooded animals is wrong for fish.Other way I have rabbits, geese, chickens, ducks-so my fish can have good diet.[ATTACH=CONFIG]7017[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]7018[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]7019[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]7020[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]7021[/ATTACH]
  3. Hello,Hello, My only things are 1)dig. pH meter 2)1 bottle Kelpak 3)1 brick palm peat 4)5 liter pool acid 5)duck pond in old bath 6)400 gr. black molasses 7)8!!! red worms(hair tick-found in manure pile)kept in a glass so far The most shortage I have is patience-sure not unique. But I thing, Miracle is happening!As soon as I added the fish in the systems and I stopped adding acid,the pH stayed constant above 8,but it dropped to 7.8 in the last week.I have +/- 1/4 cubic foot dry wood trunks in my ground system and the palm peat brick in woman stoking-underground.I am adding duck pond water(1 gal daily)-evaporation.I see BIG(for me) plans boom in both systems!!! Ecstasy and Agony! Seeing 1 inch cucumber shrinking, hohos(maybe-aphids) on Chinese cabbage,5 mm white worm killing lettuce by eating it's core(root-leaves),snail alike tracks on tomatoes and 1 inch! long gray worm-came out after flooding GB. I sprayed with molasses and tomato leaves solution-so far-no improvements. Maybe I must try soap or tobacco gently(old lady advise). But-hope for the best.This is my FIRST farming and it seems is addictive!I wish, I was more helpful for the community,but I can be only parasite-sure not unique. P.S.I shall post some pics tomorrow. Cheers.
  4. Hi, Gary Thanks for your welcome. You call it "persistence",my mother calls it "stubborn". Yes,My systems are far away from wining beauty contest,but,they are from scrap and cost me TOTAL exactly 24 men/hour-my own.Here is very,very difficult with everything new.Plastic food-grade 40 gal. drum cost next to a salary! A PH meter is more than a salary! So,the main order is"DIY".On the third picture from the top you can see IBR roof sheets lifted for ventilation on two black pols(left).When is raining,I just take the pols out(done in 10 sec.) and not even a single drop of water gets inside.Night/day temp. here in Kalahari desert is 10C/35C. In the pit is 23C/28C!!!The pit is aligned to the sun-not to the property.Now is winter-lift the roof for some sunshine,summer-lift the roof for light ONLY-NO boiling sun.
  5. Hello and good luck to all community. Some months ago I was hooked to ponics. First try-total fail! GB-half 300 mm x 3000 mm pipe,bell siphon,9 mm gravel,200 Lt. empty FT,50 Lt. sump,400 Lt/H pump,water from duck pond for cycling,gravel got clogged, all roots of lettuce and Chinese cabbage got rotten. Improved-add another half 300 mm x 3000 mm pipe-raft,replace 9 mm gravel with 19 mm-flood and drain,put some of the rotten lettuce and c/cabbage in raft and 20 Mozambique Tilapia -5 cm big in FT and... not enough... I made second unit. To avoid future temperature problems I went ... in unused rainwater pit underground! Min-23C,Max-28C! Flood and drain,2 GB-1200x1200x300mm,200 Lt. FT,70 Lt. sump,800 Lt./H pump, and 20 Mozambique Tilapia -5 cm big. In both units I have some plants,but they are not going well.The only thing here on the market is Kelpak.Now I am waiting for ... miracle to happen!