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  1. Thanks Fry.... I Am 35' Apart And Both Are Buried. That Is Why I Was Hoping To Use The "U" Pipe Abovd Ground.
  2. Thanks Journeyman and Gary. Gary, is there a post that speaks directly about continuous flow.. water depths? do the plants in the same bed need to be similar root depths? I have 12" deep expanded shale for my grow media. Currently I have 5 - 4' by 8' beds on flood and drain.. (3+ can operate without flooding my sump tank )
  3. both pipes are submerged and I have a double 90 on the bottom of each so as to not lose prime.
  4. Does it have anything to do with the height of the bottom of the pipes? Or just the level of the water?
  5. I will check that in the am. But reasonably level.
  6. Hello. I have expanded my GBs.. but now have hound that my sump tank is not large enough. No worry.. just dig in another down the way (about 35' away) and put a "U" siphon in... only for some reason the water will only move 1 way for me. When the level in tank 1 is higher than in tank 2, the water will flow to tank 2. But when the water in tank 1 is lower, the water does not flow back to it. Hopefully somebody has accomplished this feat before and can key me in as to what I need to do to resolve this. Thanks. Todd
  7. Hi Gary! Thank you for all of the responses. I did neglect to say that I am in KS.. And we are in fact in winter. I have built my system in my shop. The ambient temp stays between 65 and 70 degrees. I currently have two heater in my tanks to keep temps up. I read somewhere that warmer temps can handle a bit higher levels of ammonia. I was able to get and add pool salt yesterday to the system. Hopefully that will help my fish through the cycle. Today's readings were Ph 8 / Ammonia 2 / Nitrite 4 / and Nitrate 40. I feel things are moving in a positive direction. I still need to get a thermometer for my tank.. but I would guess the water temp to be in the range of 78 - 85 degrees. I have a few plants in and some more about ready to transplant to start sucking up some of those nitrates. One question I have is about worms... I recall reading somewhere that as the solids build up in the grow beds, the addition of worms would aid in further breaking down the solids and be beneficial to the system.. even an occasional snack for the fish. If I put a mechanical filter on, will I still have solids build up enough to introduce worms? The addition of worms sounds to be a good thing to me.. at least at the present time. Side note:.. fishes are still alive!! Thank you again for allowing me to join your forum. Happy New Year! I have stumbled across some of your quail post and find them to be quite interesting... maybe a future project.
  8. Another quick note.. I have 2 - 250 gal tanks for my fish, a rather large sump (originally intended for my fish) and 3 - 12 x 4 grow beds filled with gravel. I have 125 tilapia (as stated above) and a few seedlings planted.. more seeds germinating now. All indoors under grow lights. I hope to build a green house in the future.. but that will likely be a ways down the road. I have been reading and attempting to decide on whether or not I need a mech filter???
  9. Thank you for the tips Journeyman. I have had my fish for 10 days now. I have been monitoring my ammonia and Ph. My ammonia started to spike on Thursday. Friday morning I went to a local aquarium store. Somewhat helpful.. but not completely.. He gave me lots of advice and sold me Stability which is bottled bacteria and Ammolock to change the ammonia to ammonium. After searching the net for info.. I decided not to use the Ammolock. Instead I am lowering the Ph of my system (using vinegar) so that the fish can better handle the higher ammonia level. (I think). Yesterday the nitrite levels began increasing (.5). And spiked up today to nearly 4ppm. Tomorrow I am planning to get some salt into the system to help the fish through this. I am happy to report that today the nitrate levels began to show up.. about 10~20. So.. I would say that the bottled bacteria seem to be helping the biofilter jumpstart. I wish I had stumbled on to this forum before I bought 125 tilapia. I would have done the fishless cycling... but ..... I have already spent quite a bit of time reading posts. There is truly a wealth of knowledge here. It is so nice to be able to access all of this information! I have no idea how much my learning curve has been reduced already. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. I just joined!! I am brand new to Aquaponics. This appears to be a great site. I have begun setting up my grow beds and tanks. Working through cycling my system now. Although I can already see that I should have completed this before adding my fish. Anyway... it is on it's way. Looking forward to learning all I can about aquaponics! Thank you all for allowing me to learn from you. Todd