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  1. how much is the ferry ride gary if you dont mind me asking?
  2. are you sure its bad for the pump. mines been like that for a while now.. i was under the impression you can restrict the outlet without problems but not ro restrict the inlet. Restricting the outlet also has the added benfit of saving you power when you dont need the extra flow
  3. it doesnt bother me. im with cecil in that i have diy everything so far because im (for the most part) enjoying it.
  4. yeah i meant like that diagram ande. i just thought it worked by the solids being heavier than water and was under the assumption that it did not matter the size as long as the mass was heavier than the water it would still sink out of the flow. obviously i was wrong . i will just airlift after the filtration then . thanks for all the help guys
  5. been great to read your thread. just wondering what have you been planting as a cover crop?
  6. yeah ive read a lot of zacs posts on koiphen plus a lot on the koivreinden site? those euros have some fancy ponds basically i was thinking of putting the airlift "well" in the middle of the rfs so it still has to flow up then back down. i dont see how any of the bubbles would go anywhere but out the middle? i also dont see why turbulance would be a problem since the flow will be the same? ill put up a diagram tomorrow of what i mean. water level difference from highest to lowest will be <100mm. for now it is all theory though. im not looking to change it from its current setup until after i harvest the next batch of trout.
  7. yeah my pond is a little bit lower than the filtration. and gb. atm i have ft and gb -> rfs -> bio filter -> second ft ( sump) water pump back to gb and ft. basically the main ft is only a little bit lower than the gb and filters whereas the sump is substantially lower ( 20cm). aim is to just raise the second ft so all will be close to level but the lowest point would then be the main ft. thats why i thought i would pump from the lowest point and gravity the rest
  8. just wondering what everyones thoughts would be on having an airlift inside the rfs? ie ft > rfs > bio > ft like but with an rfs instead of the rdf
  9. just wondering cecil do you ever have trouble with your u siphon failing and losing suction? they seem to get a bad name for being hard to start and losing suction but i havent touched mine for months
  10. im getting ridleys for cheaper than that. also the local trout farm is only charged me $70 for a 25kg for their skretting
  11. totally agree with everything you said except for maybe the pitter patter of little feet
  12. its 1.5m deep and 5200 litres. if you're ever down my way definitely feel free to drop by. would be great to get your insight. maybe have drive on the go karts too
  13. They look great joey. Quick question do you know what temp your water reached by friday night? mine got to 28 without shade coverage so next year im going to try and get them through all year.
  14. im also looking forward to being out of debt ( should be by 2016) though then the wife wants to have children haha . as with joey, i doubt my aquaponics set up would pay for it self (especially since i give most of what i grow away to friends and family) but it's worth it for the hobby side of it. plus i think if i stopped the bsf larvae my chickens would never forgive me haha
  15. So i actually tested mine and it does but doesnt at a linear rate . ie my pump 10000l at 90 watts though with the head on mine and i have it 1/4 closed also (missized the gravity flow out and too much flow in - my stupidity) anywyas its now running ~6000lph at an average of 74 watts(it varies up and down a bit. if i close it completely it still draws around 40 watts.