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  1. Hey Gary, One more question for you. If we are pumping 3500 GPM,This means that we will have a turnover rate in our biofiltration tank of once every 9 minutes. Is this enough contact time for ammonia conversion? Nathan,
  2. Hey Gary, The system is a training system / Prototype for 3rd world application. Trash Mountain Project | Live the Command As for fish tanks, it is on solid cinderblock tank with cinderblock dividers. They will be plumbed with flow through pipes to prevent overflow and syphons to move waste. Filtration will be biofill. I will have to take some good pictures for you this week. Nathan,
  3. Hey Gary, I attached a Picture of the design. The Green tube is the sump tank and where i need a pump, moving left from there we have one small and Three Large fishtanks, then the Filtration tanks. The first tank is for solid waste, and the Second is the biofiltration. From the filtration Into five 24' raft beds, and back to the sump. We are finishing up construction this month and hope to start cycling the system in mid April. Thanks, Nathan
  4. Hey All, I am trying to make the decision between a water pump or air Lift for our system. We have a 9,435 Gallon floating raft System. 3,580 Gallons of that is fish tanks. 1st Question - How many gallons per hour should it pump? ( My research tells me it should be at least equal to the fish tank volume.correct?) 2nd- Water pump or Air Lift? Thanks
  5. Kellen, We are building a aquaponics facility at 75 & 62nd. It will be up and running hopefully at the end of next month.Thanks for the willingness to help I'm going to need it. Nathan
  6. Hey kellen, Thanks for the welcome. I actually bought some fish from you guys yesterday. 40 large Blue tilapia. They look great and are doing well.
  7. Hi Gary I have not read about Dr Paul Olivier, His work sound very interesting ill have to look it up. Thank you for the welcome.
  8. Hello, My Name is Nathan, I work with 501C3 not for profit called the Trash Mountain Project based in Topeka KS. Our mission is to develop Christ-centerd environments for children and families living in trash dump communities world wide. We are currently building an aquaponics facility in Topeka so that we can learn and teach others about aquaponics. Our goal is to apply what we learn in the communities that we work in world wide, to teach others to be self-sustaining, and improve nutrition. I look forward to learning and sharing our experiences with the members of Aquaponics HQ. Nathan