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  1. If anyone out there needs composting worms cheaper than that price - call Jane and Ron on (07) 3201 0451. Julie
  2. Once again - the people on the forum have come through! Thanks again Mark - that site is an absolute goldmine of information. Julie
  3. Thank you SO much for that link Mark! Have you tried any cheesemaking yourself? Julie
  4. Hi everyone! Wish l had more time to browse this site as it is an absolute goldmine of information! I have a question and l hope somebody can help me out. I've just started making my own cheese, and also plan on making cream, yogurt butter etc. I know that the milk you are suppposed to use should be pasteurised (unless l want to do that myself) but l know it shouldn't be homogenised. Does anyone else out there make their own cheeses etc? I live between Brisbane and Ipswich and l would love to find a farmer who would sell me the milk direct. Or l would love to hear from someone who knows a farmer or a person who milks their own cows/goats/sheep. Alternatively, can anyone advise me about the use of full fat dried milk that you can buy from the supermarket to make these products? Thanks for reading this and l hope someone can give me some assistance and/or advice!!! Julie
  5. I've had a look in there and they don't seem to have anything other than point of lay chooks at the moment. But l will keep on looking in there and many thanks for the reply Mark. In the meantime, if anyone else has any ideas l'd be grateful. Thanks! Julie
  6. Thanks for that. I'll check them out! Julie
  7. Hi everyone! Can somebody please help me out? I'm looking for some point of lay chickens to use as breeding stock for meat birds. I already have the rooster but l'm having a whole heap of trouble finding hens in the Brisbane Qld area. the ones l would really like to get would be Sussexs, Rhode Island Reds or Plymouth Rocks. Does anyone out there know where l can buy some please? Thanks! Julie
  8. Nice going guys. Can't wait to see it when it's finished - bet you can't either! Julie
  9. Well - naturally it's an unbiased opinion!!!!!!!!
  10. Look forward to seeing the whole thing evolve.
  11. Hmm - l can quite understand why "her serene highness" has declared a total ban on things that crawl rather than walk. I found a 2 metre brown snake in my garden last Wednesday! Had to get the snake catchers in to deal with it. My sweetheart of a husband (who emigrated from the Uk only 3 years ago) offered to catch it. He's done that with carpet snakes in the neighbour's chook pen much to the neighbour's delight. However when l pointed out to him that a snake of that size had enough venom to kill ALL the people in the whole blasted STREET and not just him - he conceeded defeat. Common sense prevailed - thank goodness for smart women is what l say!!!!!!
  12. Hi everyone! Has anybody had any experience growing out eel tailed catfish? Any comments or thoughts that you might have would be GREATLY appreciated. They sound like a great eating fish but not too much information on growth rates etc seems to be available. Thanks very much!!!! Julie
  13. Thanks for letting me know where Wee Waa is - you learn something new every day! Sounds like a delightful spot to set up house! Julie
  14. Whereabout are you in Oz? Julie
  15. Hi Dufflight! Waht sort of stock are you looking for? Julie