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  1. Lo Gary, Still looking into quail, here they're called codornix (Spanish for quail), some of the pictures look like the Japanese ---- for pictures of my system, check out my first post above, it links to my facebook pictures, best I can do at the moment, Eric
  2. Thanks for the response, lots to learn yet, also interested in quail, not sure if we can get the Japs here in Nica
  3. 'Got some tubs which were used for powdered chlorine, so did the rinses, now 'aging' them filled with water, expect to do a few more water changes, and more aging (soaking) before trying one or two fry in them, just to be sure.
  4. "Emersed" in a hobby setup using Tilapia in a CHOPS system having two 4'x30'x1' media based growbeds, ornamentals, veggies, medicinals, - using red lava rock screened to using coarse sand to 3/4" material; 6' dia. concrete fish tanks @ 4' deep - overflowing into the growbeds, returning to a similar round tank sump through flout valves, pumped up into the fish tank by a 1000 gph pond pump - hoping to eventually incorporate a solids filter and bio filter before the grow beds to avoid accumulations, puddling etc. Also have an 11' dia. x 4' deep concrete tank built, housing tilapia with aeration, used to restock the 6' system; waiting for ideas and feedback as to growbeds, sizes, ebb & flow vs constant flow, hopefully to reduce the size of sump tank requirements. If there is an easy way to load a volume of pictures, that would be nice to know, one at a time seems to take a while -- meanwhile, I have a wealth of pictures, including concrete tank construction details on facebook: