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  1. We have supplemented some iron and pottasium to our DWC growbed. We adjusted lights and installed timmers. On the table all of our lettuce is now dark green and apparently strong. It is wonderful in flavor and would be great except one problem. It all wilts within an hour of being removed from the grow bed. I can't sell this to anyone becuase it would be compost before they get it home. Suggestions? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Welcome to my journal / history of my Aquaponic project. I hope to tell all of my adventures to date. Feel free to read as I go or wait a couple weeks until I have completed it. I have multiple pictures and videos of my project. Let's get started. I live in a cave. It was originally a sand mine in Festus, Missouri ( USA ). My wife and I along with our three kids started our adventure some seven years ago. On tight budgets and frequent lessons we have built our home. You can review our home at : Our home has three chambers. In an effort to identify best use, I have been experimenting with Vanilla plants in the middle chamber. What caught my interest was the conditions. Apparently the Rain Forest Floor has a lot in common with my cave. High Humidity, steady tempatures and LOW lighting. I was amazed how well Vanilla did in my home. Aquaponics caught my interest and I began reviewing my options. I had an old pond liner scrap and I had a fresh water source under the cave that I could get to through a Cistern that is about 14 feet deep and wide. At the edge of my floor where the concrete meets the sand that meets the rock wall, I dug out the sand and found that I had a
  3. I am sorry if I mislead you. I live in an abandoned sand mine... While I have your attention. How much variance should there be in PH during a day. Mine seems higher at night than in the morning. Thanks.
  4. Gfunk thanks. Yeah in my family every one contributes at all ages... "Growing a kid" Pugo: I am frequently trying to determine the best use of my space. It has "natural" conditions that I modify to my comfort. Like very high humidity, a constant temperature of 68 degrees etc. My understanding is that it is very similar to the rain forest floor layer. I provide low light and my Vanilla orchids go crazy. However I also have to deal with a seasonal calcium drip in my main reservoir. I have an underground spring that runs under my cave and I can drop a sump pump in to a 14 foot deep reservoir to get all the fresh water I want. The fish love it although it is a little hard and high ph ( 8.5)
  5. Hi Gary, "indigenous Australians, and people who lived in mining dug-outs" Well I suspect I am much less rare in Australia. My wife and I purchased a 3 acre property about seven years ago that included a 1.5 acre Sand mine. ( Mining Dugout sounds like the same. ) We fell in love with the surrounding 45 foot rock wall on the property and "the cave" However bankers in America don't like to finance old mining shafts in poor neighborhoods much. So by the time we made a deal with the owners we had little cash left. While hanging out with my wife I said, "My love I can not afford to build you four walls but how about one?" That began a seven year oddesy that puts us here now. You can read more about it at I created an album I started to upload images but could not get them to "drag" over the "drag here" zone and was unable to fill the album. Then I created a group of sub-folders. However after the images were uploaded it talked about assets...I will likely figure it out today after some sleep.
  6. Hi Greyeagle4u, I am also a newbie on this board. However I have spent several hours reading the various post in the beginers sections. I am impressed with the amount of knowledge in this forum. I believe you will find many willing colleages here. If there is anything I can do please let me know. Have you and your wife begun building your Aquaponic system ( AP ). Will it be a community project? I agree that AP may be an excellant food production choice. I read in one of my books that AP can use 1/100th of water used in soil based growing. That alone should make it attractive. I think for me the knowledge of doing this without heavy pesticides or genetically modified seed could help a lot of people. I too am very excited about helping first my family and perhaps others. CU On board.
  7. Well I began to upload images that I have regarding my build. However I suspect that as a new member of this forum that most of my pictures are subject to review and perhaps even a size restriction on the server. I do not wish to abuse your servers and have dedicated server space of my own if needed. I have spent over 30 years in technology designing and developing browser based applications and websites. Due to suffering a heart attack and onset of Diabeties I have further triggered Retinopathy in my eyes. It is no longer practical for me to work on tech for the hours I used to do. Sooooooo I am trying to contribute to my family's grocery budget through growing some meat and veggies. I am starting with Tilapia and Lettuce since everything I have read to date indicated that they were the easy. My studies to date have been divided between the two foundations of AP. I feel that by reading Aquaculture and Hydroponics seperately that I have grasped more information on the compromises made to accomplish AP. My current system is roughly 3,500 gallons of water, 1000 fish and the beginings of some plants. Well there is a little more about me. Perhaps one of you very nice gentleman can direct me in the album world and I will begin to ask some of my questions related to water chemestry, nutrient uptake, lighting, etc. Thanks I am thrilled to have an outlet to discuss AP Curt Sleeper
  8. Hi, My name is Curt. AKA Caveman. I have been reading and working on designing an aqua system for about six months. I have learned some hard lessons and some easy ones. I look forward to meeting many of you so that I can achieve consistent improvement in my aquaponic system. I will gladly put up pictures as soon as I am sure I don't get laughed at too much... Curt / Caveman