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  1. I love that Kratky method. Really works well with very little effort!
  2. I am at work so the pictures are blocked but i wonder if it is Fungus mycelium? Your description makes it sound like thats what it is.
  3. VKN, congratulations on your continued success!
  4. Zak, welcome. Looks like a great build. I look forward to lots of updates on your progress.
  5. I agree it is a lot of money when you compare it to my bank account but in the federal scheme of things, a mere drop in the bucket. I hope it works out!
  6. My family and I moved to the country a few years ago. We are refurbishing a horse boarding operation and starting a small Almond orchard. These things are keeping me busy. It's ironic, I now have the space to do all kinds of things but no time. I really liked the simplicity of the non recirculating hydroponics. That is probably going to be my first related project. Someday i would like to try an iavs.
  7. Very exciting! Looking forward to those pics.
  8. Pretty darn funny!! Made me laugh!
  9. Jeff, Thank you for your updates on this forum. Your questions and comments are thoughtful and helpful. Since i have not set up a sand bed yet i am living vicariously through your trials and tribulations. Jens
  10. Wow! That potato harvest looks amazing. What is the difference between a Chinese potato and a potato i get in my grocery store here in the United States? I didn't know potatoes would work in sand culture.
  11. Cecil, What a blessing you are for those teachers and students. Quite an amazing opportunity for them. Being a 5th grade teacher myself, i really appreciate when someone with a passion like yours chooses to share with their community! Great job!
  12. I have not grown them in aquaponics, but in the ground they are prolific and easy to grow. Made lots of great salsas and sauces.
  13. Dr. McMurty, Thanks a bunch for the Chemistry lesson! I did not take chemistry in college so i really enjoyed the "basic" lecture. I would have had to pay a lot for that lecture at university. Jens
  14. VKN, I follow this thread closely. It is our one good look at someone actually using IAVs to grow food. Your comments are thoughtful AND come with pictures. When i see that your thread has something new i get quite excited. Thank You for sharing. I wish i had more to contribute but i never miss the opportunity to check in and see what is new. Jens