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  1. G'day I'm recently addicted to the concept of Aquaponics and am in the frustrating planning stage, but am striving to be be sensible & not rush on in. We have a small backyard in inner city Melbourne, so there's limited space. The grand plan so far: Build a Greenhouse 4 x 2m 2 x 2m for aquaponics 2 x 2m for raised garden bed [wicked garden bed system] So on the more fun stuff. • A to E components plumbed together with PVC piping • F,G, I & J are stand alone components • H is the electrical backup system A. Two insulated 1000 litre ICB’s plumbed together for a common water level as the fish tank (FT) With air pumps into tank. Have to figure out how to stop fingerlings get stuck in connecting plumbing without restricting water flow between tanks B. An ICB that acts as a filtration system C. A trickling bio-filter (TBF) Should it feed into the GB’s or straight back to FT? D. Two tiers of grow beds (GB’s), more levels if practical probably use ICB's again E. Sump tank (ST)with water pumps [blue barrel] F. A polycarbonate green house (GH) with shade clothe over system G. One 1000 litre ICB as water reservoir collecting rain water H. Backup power switching relay & two 12 volt car batteries I. Biopod J. Worm farm Still lots of details to work out Grow beds will also be made out of ICB's B. An ICB that contains the filtration system • Sieve filter [6"x12" pollen kief kif 120 mesh stainless steel screen] • Brush Filter [black Knight filter brushes] • Packed Media Filter [Matala Mat Blue] • Bio filter is a Moving bed filter [25L of Kaldnes k1 air pump to move k1] line from air pump I would appreciate any advice on whether I barking up the wrong tree. Ciao Mack
  2. Hi Guys, I am a total newbie. Looking to assemble the information to set up a modest backyard system. We have a small backyard in North Fitzroy & I aspire to set up something that is fun for both me and the kids (8 year old boy & 6 year old young lady) that won't cause the wife to shoot me and bury me in the backyard. Being inner city we are cheek & jowl with the neighbours. So I want a system that isn't going to be noisy & get them offside. I like the idea of using IBC's so a mate is picking up a couple for me. That's about as far as I have thought it through so far.