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  1. This is the larger system. 3120ltrs gravel/river rock 260ltrs bio balls 6 large goldfish(up to 30cm) 43-47 silver perch(up to 26cm) 200ish mussels was 80 yabbies but they tussle so there probably 20 left.
  2. Was thinking of cement to form the cone at the bottom of the drums also. Then apply a FG coating to make it smooth and stop the water from eating the concrete away.
  3. 2 new gb's are going well. The arrowroot likes its new home and all of the garlic is coming up. The second year tomatoes are producing a lot. They didn't do much the first year and I was too lazy to help the flowers set. Been slowly dropping the water level. Hope to get a few of the larger fish out. New system will be online in a week or so.
  4. Filled one of the gb's today. 2 buckets and 1.5hrs. Hope to get the second one filled in the morning. Think I will go with the slow drain. I have a spare 10000lpr pump I can put on a timer to fill them once per hr. Will run them 24/7 for a few days to season the gravel a bit.
  5. I read in a hydro mag that nutrients had increased in cost by 1300% and that was a couple of years ago. And as the cost of oil goes up it might be better to put infrastructure in now. CSIRO are developing plants to be used as fish feed to replace the fish meal. Sequence valves are handy for covering more gb's with less water. I don't have that problem but still run an 8 way valve. In theory I could run all these gb's from one small ft.
  6. Got 2 in the back yard. The chooks eat one down to the ground and it re-grows okay.
  7. If the bio filter is in the sump most of the solids are taken out by the gb's. Breaking solids into smaller bits gives them more surface area to help the worms break them down. The off cuts would work well in a trickle filter and would be easy to backflush if they needed cleaning. Or if there is still an air outlet at the base you could isolate the drum, fill and let churn before empting. A 100mtr roll might work out to be more than 18L once cut up. Its a good way to get rid of old bits of pipe. For a trickle filter you could always cut the pipe into ribbons via a lath with a sprial cutter. But keep your hands clear.
  8. The media touching is important. The bacteria inside the off cuts are safe while the ones on the outside get knocked off all the time, increasing the bacteria in the water thus speeding up bacteria colonization in the rest of the system. It also has a macerating effect on solids.
  9. New system will have 2 stage bio. One in sump and one in a 200ltr drum connected to the main ft. The airlift will move water through the drum 24\7 so power outage will not effect fish. Growing system is yet to be worked out. Not sure what I'm going to be growing in it. Or will it be used to harvest nutrients for the rest of the garden. I'm allready planing on using the swirl filter on the larger system to run worms in a seperate drum for castings. Do like the idea of dropping all the siphons in gbs in favour of one large siphon in a separate drum.
  10. Surface area was not too bad. The cutting up was easy with a guillotine. 5 bits a second ish. And its easier to make up a little more if you need it. $50 per 100mtr roll, 10000 bits cut at 10mm or more if cut smaller. I also like the black so it cuts down on the light penetrating the media.
  11. My media was a bit cheaper. 13mm black pipe.
  12. Basicly yes. The media is moving so it does not matter what the level is. And with it running on air stones if there is a power outage the air is on a backup so it still moves the water around. This one was hooked up via constant height to the tank beside it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBPjoQOFCrg
  13. This is a small one that has a cod in the outer part and the bio filter in the center. Water returns via the center and the PVC has holes at different levels so it keeps working reguardless of the tanks height. No pictures of the new one till I finish hooking it up. But its a larger version.
  14. A sump can also be an added bio filter for increasing the stocking densities of a system. My new system uses one.
  15. Yes, 1 place is doing it. Why should it be pushed here. I'm not the only one that keeps circling back to this. I just think if shallow gb's are to be pushed at least put a warning that the gb's that are used should be the kind that can be filled to a higher level. So after the first lot of fish die the people can still add more media without having to shell out for new deeper gb's.
  16. Easy, if you tell people they can do it with 150mm gb running continuous flow and they don't have enough bacteria working and the gb clogs up and they end up with dead fish. And because they have limited there choice to 150mm they can't add more media so they have wasted more money. Its clever to incourage them to set up a stable safe and tested system to start with.
  17. I think its more like you are creating hype around 300mm grow beds. As an AP forum we should be encouraging people to use 300mm and deeper. Creating a safer standard that will help minimize failure. It does not make sence to attack a safe standard. Its like telling people to not use training wheels on there kids bikes. Some of those kids with bruised knees will stop riding there bikes.
  18. Bee hive with 2 openings. One to the outside world and the other to inside the green house.
  19. White fly. You leave plants growing without checking on them for a month or so and the little buggers move in. My continous flow GB is getting to be a solids filter and not in the good way. So I put the bell back in. I don't have a problem if I use a raised section under the inlet. But without it the clay blocks and the worms don't seem to become active in the one area. And dam, the 1000ltr swirl filter collects a lot of stuff. :shock: Moved some duckweed and could see the solids on the bottom. I still don't know if collecting solids is such a good idea. If I didn't use the swirl filter then the gb's would of got this lot and the worms would of mineralized it. I do have 500+ fish and it does make a nice duckweed tank. But on a smaller system I think it would be just creating another task. Why play with **** if you don't have to. The fish are going well and will eat anything I throw at them. Silvers are really big. And the catfish are everywhere. Going to introduce some smaller tanks so I can harvest fish. I could probably get the larger silvers but I don't think stressing the other fish are worth it.
  20. Welcome. Don't worry about us. Our feathers are pre-ruffled for just these type of occasions.
  21. I'm not much for digging. But I do like the deep dug beds for trees. Gives them a kick start. If you cut the plants off and leave the roots do you have a problem with the plant wanting to keep growing. And how does leaving the roots work with nematodes etc.
  22. I only have to feed my fish. They feed the worms and the plants. With a light over the tank the fish can be feed off insects. You can't do that with worms. So using a solar light the cost goes down a lot. AP over Vermiponics is going to be up to the individual. If you never want fish then by all means. I had worm bins and they were a pain. Once the worms got into the AP system they are more active and a lot easier to handle. Then again if the choice was hydro or Vermiponics I'd go hydro cos its cheaper and cleaner.
  23. Most AP systems have compost worms working away in them. I used raised sections to trap more solids so the worms are more active. I think taking the fish out of the equation is only taking a positive out of the system.
  24. Gary, my post was not to you. It was in answering someone elses post.