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  1. Hi BC, Looking awesome mate. I gather the tall shade frames are for tomatoes ? Cheers Joe
  2. Hi Moses, Thanks for the detailed reply, and my apologies for my delayed reply. Your comments and aspirations are great to hear. Every person should aim for a level of self production of food at home or the community. Yes, as you have stated and found out, there is a lot to learn to understand the basic concepts, and absolute requirements. After all... fish are livestock !!! Firstly, your small tank. 16 koi (of any size) in that size tank is a disaster waiting to happen... and it will happen unless you address this. You need to consider reducing the numbers to perhaps 3 or 4... or increasing the size of the tank, considerably. Even a sophisticated pump and filter system used by an experienced operator will be hard pressed dealing with that growing bio-load from the 16 koi fish waste and uneaten food particles, in such a small volume of water. Next, your filter and pump. Filter style and pump flow combinations have been highly discussed, there are many suitable designs, some more efficient to use and maintain than others. Spend some time to read more about this... then combine that thought with my previous comments about your tank size. Next, growing facilities. Again, read more about these. To grow anything of substance and quality, the size of your growing facility should be in ration with the size of the fish tank / waste production. You can not provide enough nutrients from a 10 gallon fish tank of koi to grow an acre of veggies raft style (or any style). I would recommend you make a decision on what one single growing style suits you best to begin with, and start with that one... you can add on later. Here is a link to the iAVs website - The single most influencing factor to considering starting an iAVs growing system, is your local availability to the Correct Type of Sand. NOT ALL SAND IS EQUAL !!! IF the iAVs system is suitable for you (ie: IF you have access to the correct type of sand), then the iAVs system has specified ratios for tank size, fish numbers, water flow and growing system size... that have proven results, providing you follow all the correct needs and ratios. Finally, testing your water quality conditions. Knowing the current and past history of your systems water quality is paramount to the diagnosis of everything ! Fish problems or disease... plant, leaf and fruit growth and development or deficiencies... EVERYTHING is diagnosed through water testing ! (Except actual physical plant and fish inspection and pathology) Digital meters are fantastic, easy to use, super quick results, super accurate results... and can be super expensive. There are a range of simple and inexpensive liquid test kits for pH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. A simple iron test is also beneficial regarding plant monitoring and growth. I would search your local online "Ebay" store for what is available in Indonesia. Fish deaths, for what ever reasons, are the main reason people do not persist long with this type of venture. The total system ratio of; Tank size / fish numbers and size / water pump flow / filter style / water quality / growing facility style / growing facility area... Is crucial to determining the maximum success you may look forward to. This ratio also determines the likelihood of disaster. Cheers Joe
  3. Hi Moses, Welcome to the APN forums. There is 1 simple answer, you are correct, your system is not cycled and has no bacteria, this creates the smell. To offer any real info, I have some questions... What are the water testing parameters of your system (pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate etc)? What size tank do you have ? What is it made of ? Is the koi 16cm or 16inches ? Or do you mean you have 16 koi in your tank ? What kind and size is the filter ? What is in the filter now ? How much water does the pump, pump ? What is your water source ? What are the water source testing parameters (pH etc)? You say you want aquaponics to grow veggies.... what kind of growing setup did you intent on ? Raft style ? Media bed style ? Hydroponic style in small pots ? ... then there is the iAVs method. And some further thoughts... Bacteria will occur naturally over time. This time is referred to as the Cycling Period. The cycling period goes through measurable changes in Ammonia, Nitrite then Nitrate. Using the search function on top of the forum I found this current posting ... Additionally I would think it would be best to... Stop feeding the koi for 2 or 3 days, it will not die of starvation in this time. I would NOT clean the filter again in the short term. I would remove any uneaten food and rubbish from the bottom when draining out some water, then replace with fresh water. If your source water has any chemicals added to it like chlorine you need to treat or age the water before use. To aid in preventing infection and disease breakout, I would add some salt to the level of 3ppm or 3mg/ltr I would post some pictures of your system if you can. This will also help others assist you greatly. I would read many posts like the one above, this will assist you and your family greatly as to the overall performance of your system. Start a new topic about your system and post some pics... we love pics, they help everyone understand what we each are talking about. Aquaculture / Aquaponics can be a steep learning curve. The best advice anyone can give you is to read, and read, and read... and then go slowly with the fish, go slowly with the feeding. Again, welcome to the forum. Cheers Joe
  4. Well done Cecil, They look similar to our Aussie, Coal Grunter. Though as mentioned before, Aussie natives requiring hormone induction to spawn. Ahh yes, Salt, the magic elixir of life. I thought that the temp difference from pond to tank was a bit ambitious, alas, no huge drama it appeared. I was a huge fan of the simple old air driven sponge filter when it came to "cloud feeding" fry. Cheers Joe
  5. Hi, Didnt the Simpsons predict Trumps victory back in the 80's ? On a serious side, ive been shaking my head for 40yrs attempting to comprehend the entirety of full circle that is US history (and global history). Being a direct, full blood Fuller family decedent from the Abigal's voyage to "New England" in 1635... my family history, is US history. For 400 years the US held its balls in its own hands, through out civil war up to WW1... rightly, wrongly or otherwise. History shows that the world changed dramatically in the mid-late 19th century. Those with money and power realised the ease at which they could influence this money flow, and the power systems needed to keep the money flowing, to them. Fast forward another century and nothing has changed. Almost all the peoples from every nation on the planet is divided between their equivalent's of Democrat & Republican, Liberal & Labour, left or right. It is a sad but funny and totally honest reality that applies to every country... We all choose, we all vote, we all laugh and smile whilst the proverbial Red White and Blue duck gets shoved up our collectives backsides.... Regardless of any election victor. Gosh I love George Carwin.. hehe As Gary's signature says - "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer 21st century humanity has yet to reach the 3rd stage of Truth. My view is, Only when the mass's wake from this technical age, media induced coma of what they want you to believe, will the human race truly begin to see true peace and love on earth. Cheers Joe
  6. Hi folks, I am closing my system and Ive got 140 x 17-22cm Jade perch for sale. $4 ea or $400 for the lot. I am exactly on the Qld / NSW border 15mins from the coast. Pick up only. Bring your own bag / box / container requirements for transporting. Cheers Joe
  7. Hi @kellenw Small issue this morning logging in to the forum. Cheers Joe
  8. Nice recall, Thanks Phri
  9. Hi VKN, Well, in some circles it may be a can of worms, VKN. Let me attempt to explain by continuing our fragrance of roses and orchids theme... To be completely accurate, roses and orchids are two different orders of plants. The order of roses is limited to 1 sub-family, 1 or 2 genus, with a mere 120-150 or so species. The order of orchids consists of a whole family, 30-50 genus, with a staggering 25,000 - 30,000 species. ( Am more than happy to stand corrected of the taxonomical accuracy or inaccuracy of the above ) By definition of definitions, "iAVS" can only truly be defined as "iAVS", as per its documented 'species' classification. Dr. Mark McMurty is the scientist whom first 'classified the species' that is "iAVS". 20 years ago I had over 5000 species of flowers as a hobby. I dabbled with my own efforts of hybridizing of roses, orchids and frangipani. However, when I have previously propagated 'Angraecum sesquipedale'... out of respect, one can not in all good conscious refer to them as 'Angraecum toga'. And you know what... I was (and still am) too consumed by actually "smelling the roses of life" than "defining the species" of such magnificent perfumes. Cheers Joe
  10. Hi VKN, With respect, although I do not know if the term iAVS is copywrite, registered or other wise formally / legally owned by Dr McMurty, it was however scientifically journaled & pear reviewed, and was first phrased by the good Dr as 'iAVS'... decades ago. As such, paying equal respect to the good Dr, I felt (an continue to feel) it totally appropriate. Does not an orchid have as sweet a fragrance as a rose ? Your 'aquaponic roses' are no less sweet than the good Dr's 'iAVS orchids'... they are just a slightly difference species of flower I love a bio-diverse planet of sweet fragrances. It creates love within the soul and manifests harmony and balance among its creatures (forum members). Namaste Joe
  11. Hi VKN, Whilst it has been acknowledged that none of your systems are 'truly iAVS' by definition... you demonstrate some inspiring results. I am sure that as your teams technical knowledge, experience and experiments grow as you overcome issues, they can only increase in productivity. Good luck with your new venture. Again, inspiring endevour to bring together multiple smaller projects into a common 'face' of exposure. Well done. Cheers Joe **EDIT** Oops... forgot to add, will be interesting to see / know results of a side by side comparison re: worms v no worms. IMO vermicast can only be a good thing... but what potential negative's from the worm action by consuming live roots... etc ?
  12. Hi all, Recent off topic posts have been moderated. Let us keep it friendly, positive and on topic please. Cheers Joe APN Mod Team
  13. 200 ya reckon... I believe that at the time of this (bad) video, this tank had every species from your farm... plus a few more. Been a struggle this past year mate, but hey, im still posting
  14. I match your 65,00 jades... and up the pot with, 10 Toga's in a Tank Welcome aboard 'Boss' ... ( haha, 30 year old inside joke ) Yes folks, the Toga's were from Bruce too.