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    I've only recently discovered Aquaponics, and have already been addicted :D
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    Arkansas, US
  1. My bad, didn't look, >_< noobitis
  2. Whilst clearing storage, I found two round 18-gal. rubbermaid containers, I was wondering if there is a way to link them together, so they both have the same water in them, if that makes any sense. I thought their size, shape, and the being plastic, would work better than a glass aquarium. Also would I need two pumps?
  3. I thought I should start out small and not spend too much money if I didn't like it, and because I already had the tank, I figured why not try it
  4. Whenever I have the space (hopefully within the next month) I'm going to try to set up a 29 gallon aquarium AP system, and I was wondering what size grow bed would I need? If someone could help with that, I'd appreciate it
  5. Thank you
  6. I'm new here, I have yet to set up my starter tank but hopefully within the next month or so. I'm going for a 30 gal. aquarium set up with some minnows or goldfish, I haven't decided yet. Cheers