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  1. well.. the snails are not happy thats for sure.. but.. it also killed or burned the frail and struggling plants i have.... so .. ill treat the gravel with more diluted vinegar to really get rid of them, and start over.... atleasrt im not killing ALL the microorganisms....
  2. good idea ... will go check it out at the local hardware .. here in the philippines its kid of hard thou... ppl arent paid, not have the wish to konw anything about what theire selling...l if you dont know EXACTLY what youre looking for, and its CLEARLY stated on the label... the employee looks at you with this sheepish look and goes .. " out of stock, sir" ... i.e .. they have no clue will try thou... just tried a 50/50 solution of normal vinegar and water, sprayed it over the GB .. the snails sure as H*** didnt like it... not sure thou if it kills them.... will look ffor iron phosphate granulates and a few ammonia granules.....
  3. I might have to try thatt... i found a few days ago a snail and went " WTF ? .." ... then looked closer.... total infestation.... small coneshaped snails EVERYWHERE and Man do they breed ..... Im thinking of taking my fish out to a save-tank, then to flush the whole system with lime .. kill it all and start over ... this is probably why no plant survive anymore ... theyre just barely out of their seeds, then they wither and die..i think the snails and bugs are eating and killing the roots..... ... does anyone have an idea what i can do OTHER than resetting the system ?
  4. ehm.... how about plants that grow wel in tropical temperatures, but does not need DIRECT sun ? .. im on the totally wrong side, and my porch gets NOTHING .... no direct sun whatsoever.... what would grow well in this ?
  5. that looks nice .. would love to see more about their setup... -vidar-
  6. Welcome to the forum, mate.. where in manila are you ? .. im located in makati, madodel and erwin in pasig i think... theres one in ortigas and one in manila city as well ... If youre in makati, theres a few feedstores near Jupiter street where you can buy poultry feed for your tilapia... it works like a charm .. or if youre in manila, theres always CARTIMAR ... the big fish/pet market ... they have anything and everything you can think of if youre near manila, let me know, and we can meet up... you can do a show and tell, and i can drool over your system -vidar-
  7. local government unit, yes ..hehe.. i HEARD .. and mind you i might be totally wrong on this.. that there are provisions that allow local government to charge "rent" for caged fisheries... one way or the other they always find a way to get the extra know... they mayor needs another palace for his mistress-es .... .. and he has to finance the palace of the chief police's mistresses ... and so on.. It probably runs under the environmental provisions for fisheries and agriculture, which give the local government rights to demand " MISC-fees", not required to be detailed nearer than " misc Environmental fees" in their original receipt .... something like a legalized robbery for their own (political or private ) money chest...
  8. sounds nice.. keep us upfated o that .. as for cage farming.. there will be a lot of LGU fees and " rent" for that too.. the govt and middlemen always find ways to squeeze cash from the honest working businessman...
  9. nice system if you are making and selling systems like this, you might want to have a look at the more recent and developed systems. Perhaps hook up with Gary and Madodel, to see if you can import and resell their systems as they are today... systems including filters are definately the way to go
  10. .. i have a question about grow lights.... now .. the plants are thriving at a certain spectre of the lights, bluish for growth, and more into the red ( purpleish) for flowering, i seem to remember... if i have a room with growing plants, where i cover the walls and roof with reflective padding, and put in some flourescent lighting, i can buy lights ( OSRAM brand ) that are well into the blue range .. but.. not the warmer kind.. CAN i fix that by changing to a pure white, and adding some colored plastic film around the lights, like i see they do on the film sets? .. would that change the necessary lightwarmth or whatever its called , necessary to promote growth and flowering ?? -vidar-
  11. hmmm-.. broccoli is a good idea .. im tearing down my plants as they are at the end of their cycle ... unfortunately my veranda, and thus my BG is on a totally sunless side of the building ... Would brocoli still grow and form the broccoli flower ? -vidar-
  12. ehhh... well .. i noticed today that one of the tilapias are " chewing" on one of the internal filters i have .. .a vertical cylinder i have filled with netting scrubs .. you know.. the ball of plastic netting your wife like to buy for the showers... i have a bout 7 of them in a thin plastic culinder, with ait at the bottom, thus giving airlift... the top has some of the netting sticking out, and i notice one of the tilapia were kissing it continously... my theory is that either theres some algae it wants there, or.. its trying to spit out some frys into it. I therefore took out the top netting, hung it on a floater, somewhat near to where the recirculated water comes down. This to ensure frys will always have a good amount of fresh aerated water .... From thereon .. i have NO idea what to do .. Thinking of buying a floating cage for the frys to stay, sheltered from the adults ... but im not sure what food to buy.. i know frys can survive a while on their own,.. but not for long... should i buy some brine shrimp `?
  13. uhm.. i think MAdodel, from MADE aquaponics have some for sale.... Where in las pinas / cavite are yo ufrom ? .. we have a house in cavite, and will soon move our system out there , set up an IBC, and redo our system totally
  14. yeah.. ill see how they all turn out... do i buy this brine shrimp for their feed, or ... how does that work ? ... ive thought of getting one of these fry-pens.. or whatever theyre called ....a floating small cage that sites in the main tank, so that fry doesent get separated from the other fish... any idea on that ?
  15. well.. its been a while since i posted... really have been so busy with real life that my little system has had to run itself ... Im feeding the tilapia a mix of koi food and poultry growers food, so they get a nice balance of fatty feed and proteinrich feed. ... The "garden" is starting to wither a bit, i think its because i have , as an experiment, let it grow wildly, and now nature is killing off what doesent have the right of life.... im considering ripping out whats left , cucumber, that wont grow well, and Pole bean(sitao) that i dont eat anyway), to make room for a new experiment - chinese cabbage, with the help of a sun-mirror on the opposite wall( where i DO get some sun, 30 min per day) .. Another happy news is that my 7 tilapia ... have reached sexual maturity... my wife suddenly called me "iiiik - you have worms in your tank! .... no .. way.. they have eyes... aaaahh. we're grandparents!!! " :-) ... ill let nature take its way there too ... i dont have the resources to handle fry .. maybe stick down a little grid or something so the fry can hide within.....