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  1. Hello, Just like to say a big thank you to the forum and Gary. For the advise that was given to me at my early stages of my aquaponics build. Extra Filteration....and I would have been buggered with out it. I'm currently feeding 1kg of pellets per day with no problems. My growbed would be well and truely blocked by now with the solids that I remove from my filters. You guys saved me some costly mistakes. Cheers
  2. Hi Gary, your right about solids removal. Cleaning my trough with the bird netting is a bit of a chore. I will have to look into matting or bristles for in there, or both. In the mean time I have added a recirculating floating raft filter (for use of a better word) into my trout tank. I already had two air diffusers in there so I just placed a 90mm storm water pipe over each creating a air lift pump. The two pumps join together in the centre and the water exits over the raft through filter mats and shade clothe back into the tank. I estimate the flow to be around 5000L/H, with the volume of the tank being 5500L. I reckon I could get a bit more flow by increasing the size of the pipe around the diffuser. The tank has 7500L/H passing through it normally. I have also added more flow into the trout tank by reducing the 90mm pipe at the end from the pump to 50mm. This creates more of a swirl and should help get the solids out. I can't believe how fast the trout are growing. Cheers Muzza
  3. G'day all, thought I might give an update of where my system is at. I purchased 300 Silver Perch fry 2 months ago which were about 20mm long and placed them in my sump. The only thing I needed to do was place gutter guard around my pump. I haven't had any losses and the largest of them would now be greater than 80mm . Three weeks later I purchased 120 advance Rainbow Trout fingerlings. I've got sum 200 odd fresh water mussels in the bottom of both fish tanks as well as the mechanical filter trough. Other than having a high PH to start of with ( caused by the blue metal rock ) the system has been running balanced and trouble free. In the coming months I will be making more grow beds the same until there is five in total. Possibly some satelite pots also. Cheers for the help along the way, Muzza
  4. Hi Gary, I have 100L of Kaldness K1 media in a 1550mm diameter tank at just over 500mm deep which is about 950L. There are 4 x 175mm air diffusers in the bottom to aerate the media. I purchased my Kaldness media from AussieKoi WA, while there I was given the golden tour of his KOI setup. Awesome!!! His main pond was over 100,000L, I picked his brains about his breeding arrangement plus every thing else. His Filtration of mats, brushes and then Nexus moving bed filters. He told me he had over 30 pumps to give you an idea of the scale of his setup. My circuit goes like so. There's a 10,000L pump in my 2.6m diameter sump which holds 2500L, this pumps up to my fish tank (also 2.6m diameter) which is 5000L, from here it gravity feeds to the settling trough which is 1m x 1m x 0.6m and houses the 150m2 of nylon bird netting. It continues to gravity feed to the round moving bed bio filter. The water exits the center of the bio filter and then passes through 2 x 200l drums at which point it will branch of to the future grow beds with the excess returning to the sump. So my entire water body goes through filtration before going to the planned growbeds.
  5. Hello, Been busy modifying my setup. Seems to be working well. Next is to sheet shed and build some grows beds.
  6. I wish I had discovered this site Before. Very well put together online manual Gary, congrats. Much more informative than others, explaining in detail. Definately adding a correctly sized bio filter when I can afford it. My swirl filter which is 1700mm wide will have a caged cylinder in the centre around the exit pipe which I plan on filling with bird netting ( which I happen to have 150m2 leftover in my shed from my original chook pen ). Hopefully that will take care of the solids. Love the mini greenhouses on the grow beds. Makes so much sense. Yet another modification to my setup, planned distances between growbeds allowing for doors etc. Something we use in aviculture is moth traps. Something that may be of use in AP over summer months. Moths are attracted to a light like you have suggested over the fish tanks. Except in the moth trap they are sucked into a container by a fan mounted inside. The air exits the container through fly wire and the moths are trapped inside by the airflow. The moths could be fed directly to the fish or frozen I guess. Can't wait to get home and get my hands dirty. Thank you very much, Muzza
  7. Hi Pugo, Had a look at those links, thanks for that mate. I've swapped some birds for a circular tank 1700mm x 600m which I'll use as a swirl filter. Works out to be around the 1200L range, already planned it all out. Luckily theres plenty of room in the garden shed directly behind the sump to locate it in there. At this stage I'll try the swirl filter by itself but plan on arranging the pipe work so I can easily add a filter box later if needed. Its my first job when I get home.....
  8. Hi DesertSailer, Mate I got the same impression when I visited a local store, although they were very helpful in general. The cost was more than enough to put me off. I'm also starting out but have done lots of researched towards hardware. What sort/size system are you planning. Welcome......Its all good fun, Muzza
  9. Hi Pugo, what ratio of fish/water do you guys run in your high stocking rates compared to Murray's 1/10. I must admit that in my tempery bio filter I regulary clean my primary filter element as it gets clogged over a week or so. And that's with next to no fish compared to what i intended on keeping. So I kind of new I'd need filtration and I'm guessing a swirl filter with some form of washable elements after. Might have to modify my shed. Cheers Muzza
  10. Hi Pugo, Just a quick question regarding your last post. Is the flood and drain grow beds better for plant growth compared to the continous flow. My only knowledge is of the backyard aquaponics book and the Murray Hallams DVD's. I got the impression the plants benefit more so when their roots are exposed to air(oxygen) for short periods. Or is this negated by having a oxygen saturated water body. As I have 5 of Murray Hallam's air diffuser disc plus a 120L/min blower to provide plenty of oxygen. (As this only draws 90w I will also have this wired up to an 12v- invertor for back up) My intenions is to have my bell syphon in the middle of the grow bed rather than one end. Hopefully this will aid in the draining of the bed. My flow from the fish tank is planned to be around the total perimeter of the bed. I guess if I have problems draining the bed I might have to find a way of having several drains or worst case go continous. Cheers Muzza
  11. Hi gRobot, love your set up. Very neat and pleasing on the eye. Like the the timber arrangement. Timber and I don't get along. Much prefer steel myself, plus the white ants would demolish timber here. What sort of fish a you keeping??? My Story: 40 years young, married with 2 daughters ,11 & 9. Live on 3 acres. I work as a Process Electrician on a mine 3500km away in the Kimberely's where I FIFO (fly in fly out) on a 2week on 2 week off roster . I'm an Outdoors person who loves camping, four wheel driving, fishing and hunting etc. Hands on, would rather do things myself. Love my Aviculture. Hi Mean and Green, plan on builging my grow beds using a patio tubing frame. which is galvanised steel 76mmx38mmx1.6mm RHS (rectangular hollow section) these come in 8m lenghts. The intention is to make my beds 7.2m long as this equals 3 sheets of ply which are 1200mm wide by 2400mm long. The frame will be weded with my MIG and the ply screwed to this. I'll trim some sheets down lenght wise to form the sides 350mm high. I'll put a liner over this. Hopefully i'll knock one up when I get back from work in two weeks. I'll post some pics for you guys. Has anybody used long beds about 2500L and encountered any problems? With the 4 grow beds getting consistent flow in the chop system I've worked out I should get 3 to 4 cycles per hour to each bed using a 50mm standpipe in my bell syphon. Better go and do some more work, Muzza
  12. Thanks every body for the welcomes. I took a quick video of my project so far Cheers Muzza
  13. Hi there, my family and I are just starting out with our aquaponics. We are still in the construction stage. We have the tank / sump circulating with a few fish and the next stage is to start building the grow beds. We had a 9000l poly tank that we no longer used so I cut the top of it, then cut a ring off at 600mm from the top. I then dug a hole, placed the ring in and concreted the bottom. This is our sump, 2500L. the other half of the tank stands about 1200mm and holds about 5000L. These have been placed side by side with a small 600L trough between them to be used as a nursery / isolation trough. These will all be enclosed in a shed. There is also a 2500L duck / fish pond adjacent to the aquaponics which I've piped in just in case I want to ad it to the circuit later on. So far all the materials we had lying around other than the pipe fittings and pump. Currently have duckweed and azolla growing in the 600L trough with glass shrimp in the bottom. These will eventually be in a bigger trough outside with the growbeds and fed to the fish. In the big tank I have 11 Silver Perch and 5 Marron. ( running a tempry bio filter at the moment ) I plan on having 4 growbeds. 7.2m long by 1.2m wide. Made from patio tubing frame, lined with form ply and then a plastic liner. Then filled with 19mm blue metal rock. Hopefully have it all up and running by the end of the year. Once it all gets running plan on having Silver Perch in the big tank, Rainbow trout in the sump over winter and possibly Barra in summer. Love the concept and can't wait to get it all up and running. Cheers Muzza