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  1. I am trying to find people doing aquaponics close to seymour missour 65746 pm me if are thanks.
  2. This was my problem and i have all water dumping into the fish tank. I have looked at the window farming ideas for the living walls and have had no luck at water management and flow rates with out lots of hoses and constant adjustments of flow rates. With only one pump running it is hard to keep things in balance. I would love any ideas on something besides a bell siphon or maybe its a mass foold and drain?
  3. The back wall of my green house behind my grow beds I was hoping to save space and fill one wall with live plants and use a lot of plastic up! grow beds are heavy and take up a lot of space stacking them has not worked out for me without serious strutural work but I am constantly rebuilding this little room!
  4. The grow beds are very level the font is 40 degrees like for example a solar collector. I am building a green house from used windows and doors. I only have so much time before I return to school. I have eleven projects all going at the same time but all the scrap has to be used or gone from my yard soon.
  5. THE RAIN. THe ram does not have to run 24 hours a day and drain the guys pond. It is simply an alternative to expensive pumps and electricity.
  6. I would be open to having a hand pump, but the water ram is tool or mechanical power source to replace an electric pump or hand pump. Aquaponics should be a closed system. The water elevated by the ram that is a controlable force that can be used as air pump or a mechanical water mover ( but its own entity) not contaminating the aquasystem although the supply of wate is welcomed. I can build a ram easily at my house and I do not have a stream or a elevated pond but I sure could take a 300 gal rain tank and do some a simple test to make air pressure and move water in aquaponics by displacement. I think the simpler the better!!!
  7. My list of projects and piles of surplus I have plastic house siding molding strips J mold, inside corners, siding Etc. I have been saving it for a while with thoughts of a living wall. trickle down theory or flood and drain. I have seen gutters used with little success and think the grow "bed" may have to be on maybe a 40 degree angle to work efficiently. If a person follows gravity and mounts siding on a sheet of plywood it could be designed with out the wood ever getting wet like it being on a house and the house staying dry. Sizing the beds is were I am at now and soon I would like to try a sample grow bed. Siding has many pre-drilled holes and I was thinking of many zip ties to whip up grow beds. cheap and adjustable.
  8. I am a newbie and proud!! IN SEYMOUR MISSOURI GOOD LUCK
  9. Hey did we get to see the drawings or was this a teaser? Did I miss this part? My sump is below floor level and I am thinking of grow bed outside in front of the green house on the ground? in side the green house is half 55 gal barrels side by side. What is normal depth for gravel or does it depend on what plants? Or is the depth just were the magic bacteria grows? the "pros"(NO NAMES TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT) say 12" what do you think the drawings will look like? Some of my wood is treated but the water never touches it?
  10. IF we are new to keeping fish I think perch and blue gill are easier for us a natual habitate! and have a good flavor!!!
  11. OK I MEAN FIND MEMBERS your location says norway but were in???? and some people dont play in certain sand boxs!!!!!
  12. If you need to pump water this will work but it can make air pressure too. we powerd a air impact wrench down at the river with a water ram Pugo I hate to say this but my friends are hilbilys they all donot have the luxurys that we enjoy. the said thing is others look at them (ME) and think it all just trash, but they do some amazing things. the water ram also can be "tunned" like a bell siphon and will react differant in alltitudes, rates of fall,size of pipe etc. THEY MUST BE ANCHORD DOWN THEY BECOME DANGEROUS IN OPERATION!!!!!! THE power of water!
  13. I tried to do search for people in missouri!! Looking for team minded people? Is there a easy way to search locations that I am not seeing.
  14. Hi pugo, Research a water ram. A manual device no power needed. Will pump water up hill if water can fall a variable. I will not endorse this company but it does explain requirments for ther product The Ram Company 1-800-227-8511 (Virginia) 512 Dillard Hill Road Lowesville, VA 22967 I have seen this work and a small amout of water meeting the requirements works all day and never gets tired!!!
  15. Hi Michael I am a newbie and I started with the travis barrels ( for cost ) It is my opinion that forty or fifty gallons of water is hard to not have swings and I like stable and slow changes and I "think" more water makes stability and slower reactions to the mistakes that I make and the time to fix them is greator before the fish get sick of worse.