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  1. hello joey I suppose the questions we have been asking are: was there an oxygen problem? were they overstocked and hungry enough to risk going to the surface? phases of the moon? pond pollution levels? how to catch them (when they are not so brash)? how to ensure extra generations? are eels are problem (they do exist there)? yes regarding the breeding in the dam, we were told that it would be unlikely, and then our experience seemed to tell us that they had bred after all appreciate your post joey
  2. hello, we are small farmers in australia the diversity we seek will include fish 2.5 years ago we put 100 silver perch fingerlings into a dam a year later a guest happened to catch two, they were 200 grams each and made a small breakfast one month ago the silver perch who we never see, were swimmin in the surface in droves they had beached themselves in the shallowest spot and were seen scooping the small cress-like weed from the top of the water we caught 29 of them, which definately spanned at least two generations, 280 gms to 650 gms we caught them with a net they made fine eating does any forum member have experience with any of the above? as we are in mystery about it