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  1. I didn't mean to grow the trees with this method. Just that we have many acres of sand already in place that could be moved a very short distance vs paying for sand to be shipped in.
  2. It is my understanding (but I could be very wrong) that the "safe" ammonia byproduct is still bioavailable to the bacteria that consume ammonia.
  3. Yeah. All the research I've done says that the main ingredient of old AmQuel (not AmQuel Plus) is ClorAm-X. If the ProLine version is actually the same then yeah, for non commercial hobby use it should be fine to consume the plants and fish. Think of all the aquaculture facilities that have to pay the premium price for the FDA approved product.
  4. We have citrus groves here in FL that are just sand. I wonder if it would be more cost effective here than elsewhere.
  5. I took it to mean that the methods and materials whatever they might be work at all scales equally. An example of a nonscalable system would be an aquaponic gravel based system. Sure you could build a commercial sized system with gravel beds but rafts or NFT work better at that scale and you can move plants around as they grow. I could hose out a dirty NFT unit faster than I could move tons of heavy gravel around when it comes time to clean too. (I'm not making a claim one way or the other on the scalability of the system in question)
  6. I was in the middle of writing a post asking about how the biofilter was being maintained or if you were removing fish while adding new ones and if this is a new or old system but then I saw the other post by Cecil and my suspicions were confirmed. This is why I always tell people interested in aquaponics to get an inexpensive 20 gallon aquarium with a small aquaclear hang on back powerfilter and master it. The issue was that even if you had cycling tolerant fish like zebra danios or goldfish at an equal biomass to what you did the ammonia would become toxic super fast. If you want to cycle WITH fish you have only a few fish and you maintain a low temporarily tolerated ammonia level by doing frequent water changes. Easier to do in a small aquarium. That's why people like fishless cycling. A bucket of this stuff could save your butt to a point. It is the generic of food grade ClorAm-X and the old AmQuel. I use it to remove chloramine from my tap water. It detoxifies ammonia for the fish but the biofilter can still process it. Actual ClorAm-X is almost double in price. You are paying extra just for the official FDA approval.
  7. Maybe his plants are the kind that remove a lot of ammonia directly.
  8. You guys have more tolerance than I do. If I was still a Mod I think I would have soft deleted all of the off topic posts. My question was totally buried. "Paul did you pull all your tour videos from YouTube, they look to all be private now?"
  9. So my Cal-Pump is having a hard time starting. Is this issue and stalling all solved with a new impeller? That would be great. I'm also having the same issue with my indoor hang on back filter for my kid's fish tank. It would be nice if the magnets on the impellers could have their fields repaired. Meh, it would probably cost more than shipping a new one across the globe. I guess I would need a new cap as well. (see previous post) I wonder if I can prevent this in the future? If I reinforced the hole I'm sure it would just wear down the shaft instead.
  10. I noticed that the plastic hole that holds the loose end of the ceramic shaft in place on my Cal Pump is now oval as well where the shaft has worn it away with the help of gravity. I'm glad to hear it's not just a random issue I had.
  11. You will need some form of solids removal prior to the bio-reactor. Since you already have a submerged bio-reactor you probably have one already. If this were a home aquarium I would have suggested a computer UPS (battery backup) for the pump but that would not last an hour for your use. If your container is sealed well the residual moisture might keep it wet. I'm sure you've noticed how water collecting on the sides and top of a closed component drum or tote. If you have a good air pump you can use a Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR or MBR).
  12. Paul did you pull all your tour videos from YouTube they look to all be private now?
  13. In regards to tomatoes in NFT I think you will get damming of water behind the roots as they are so large. My mammoth basil did the same thing. My basil also ended up hanging off the NFT and not growing straight up. They hang off for a few inches to support their mass before curving back up to the sky. A dutch bucket (mini grow bed) might work better than NFT for tall or bulky plants.
  14. I went with NFT as it was light and movable. I also dreaded having to build the frames and install liners for raft or media beds.
  15. About how much hydrated lime does it take to saturate five gallons of water?