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  1. I've been researching greywater biofiltration, and I stumbled on an interesting use and method for growing mushrooms. It's basically using wood chips/straw as a water filter media with mushrooms growing on it to consume/process the nutrients in the water. These are for lighter loads, or polishing off after using another filter (earthworms?). I was thinking that it might be a good addition for filtering hydro-fodder water. Here's one example from a bathroom sink: An outdoor system using King Stropharia (Stropharia rugosoannulata): Where else could we find a place for mushrooms in water cycling systems? There are varieties of mushrooms for just about every substrate and growing conditions. Here's a warmer weather variety of oyster mushrooms that I grow on corn fodder. They could just as easily grow on sunflower or amaranth stalks. They like temps in the 80's, might be good near a Tilapia system: Oyster mushrooms are really easy to grow, in fact, I often forget about them, only to pass by a week later to a beautiful bouquet of mushrooms. The spent substrate and mycelium has a lot of protein, and might be useful for fish or earthworm food. My pigs love it. Here's how I grow them:
  2. any more progress, I love this layout!
  3. I came across this pyramid design for an aeroponics setup: Has anyone ever combined aero with fish? I assume those sprayers need good filters to prevent clogging. I would like to play with this concept, but the nutrients need to come from somewhere, and I know nothing of homebrew hydro nutrients without fish.
  4. What sort of sprayers do you use? do they clog easily? Do you need a high pressure pump? How often do they need to run? How much water cycles daily?
  5. Thinking about this for me, I really just need a nutrient source to test this out. Vermiponics or peeponics would be a good place to start.
  6. What sort of issues have you run into? I really just need some sort of easy input for the nutrients, so fish seem like a good idea, but if there is an easier way without me having to buy a bunch (we don't have hydro suppliers here), it might be easier.
  7. Kellen, you'll have to come visit so I can REALLY share with you!
  8. Here's my full instructions on picking apples, making a grinder, making a press, fermenting, and bottling your apple cider. I've been making it for a few years, now, and I'm finally able to produce high quality cider consistently. It's fairly easy when you make the basic tools. It takes a day or 2 a year to produce many gallons that will last you all year (maybe less if you drink a lot). Full Instructions >> Here's the grinder, very easy to make: The press is a bit harder, but still doable and useful for other things: Finished and all bottled up: Make Apple Cider from Scratch
  9. I've been focusing a lot more on the skills and crafts of preserving and using the products of our gardens/orchards. It's wonderful.
  10. these little mosquito fish are funny to watch, they love swimming in the airlift current. I need to get some bigger fish in there, now, this is fun!
  11. So, we have a small above-ground pool, I've used it to grow handfulls of fish over the last few years, and this year, I am making a filter for it. I have a 12 volt air pump, rated at 38 lpm. It uses 18 watts. So, I decided to do some airlift tests! Made a simple airlift with 1.5" PVC, very simple to make, took me about 30 minutes to slap it together to run some tests. At 30" submergence, the pump outputted 8 gallons per minute. When we increased the submergence to 48", the output increased considerably (12 gpm). This was basically at no head, though we did hold the outlet at about 2" above the water line. I am going to try a 2" airlift test today or tomorrow with the same pump. I expect that I can get the volume to nearly double with the larger pipe and 48" submergence. I'll take photos of the simple setup, because it's just a few parts, a bushing, reducing T, some pipe and an air hose. Not much to it, and you can slap one together pretty fast. It's loosely based on the designs in the Koi forums, where they use 4" and 6" PVC to pump over 4,000 gallons an hour. But even the setup we had yesterday, 12 gpm for 18 watts is pretty good for energy use.
  12. yeah, we are good, it's been a rough couple of years, but we continue to push ahead. how are things with you? I missed this forum and finally got an airlift going, so figured I should jump back in.
  13. do you know if they are edible? I guess they are, maybe for fermented or fish sauce or something.
  14. these are loving the pool, and they are keeping the tanks clean, so I'm happy for them to breed. The rain tanks are about 60F, the pool is around 80F, so they might breed in the pool. I've had guppies before, and they look very similar, if they are easy to breed as guppies, I should have a few million in a couple of months.
  15. We got the 2" airlift installed, and with a 4" head and 42" submergence, it looks like we are at about 12 gpm, but I haven't measured, yet. It's a nice good flow, and it is working good to pull water through the filter, so I'm happy with that. If I was making this for fish, I would change things a bit to reduce the head and increase the flow, but there's a decent current through the pool now, so I can live with it. I'll probably throw a handful of bluegill in there, have some mosquito fish in there already, just about 20 or so, and they love the current from the pump.
  16. I grabbed some from our local river, thinking they were just minnows, but I think they are mosquito fish. We have tons of mosquito larvae in our rain tanks and pool, so dropped about 20 in each (4 x 6K gal rain tanks, pool is 2K gal). About a week later, not a mosquito ANYWHERE. They really do well. I don't know if they will breed in our tanks, as they are plastic tanks, but they have been wonderful for the mosquito population, so I hope they survive.
  17. A great forum for wood gas stuff is I have a small gasifier for small engines up to 16 HP. It uses wood chips for fuel. This is the setup:
  18. I don't need much lift in this setup, 2" will be plenty, but volume is what I am after. I got the parts I needed to do a 2" airlift version, I'm hoping we can hit 15 gpm or more. I'm going to try and assemble and test today.
  19. I've never seen one with a check valve on the intake, but I can assure you, the air is only pushing up.
  20. I haven't worked on this in quite a while. I think the concept has a lot of potential, and I encourage folks to try. The 2 best species to use seem to be Oyster Mushrooms (grey oysters can be found in grocery store) and Garden Giants (wood chips as substrate).
  21. Came across this interesting thing today: "Live bacteria keep you clean" here's the company website: Here's an explanation: This is the part that caught my eye: Thoughts? Humanponics?
  22. sure can, and I have a batch brewing right now, only about 8 liters or so, just to try it out. I'm racking it off this week. I've never made it before, but I've had it from other people, and it can be very good.
  23. I shower when I'm dirty, not just out of habit, and I think that's the difference. You don't need a shower every day (or several times a day), even less if you work in an office in air conditioning and clean environments. On the farm, it's a bit different, but you wash when you get dirty, there isn't a daily schedule of showering to go to work. I have no idea if it's better or worse, but it does save water, and that's good enough for me.
  24. she's used to it by now she's gone nose-deaf
  25. yeah, I'm not scared of offending the hogs... but I probably do stink AND I am covered in IMO. And I don't even have buy anything!