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  1. Are there more directions that come with that mother earth plan. It is just one page. I figured it is 30 feet long, but couldn't determine the width. I looked at galvanized steel and even the bender to do it myself from straight pipe, but it come up much more expensive than the PVC. I would also rather replace PVC than steel if something goes wrong. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm willing to listen to alternatives. David
  2. After much research I've decided on this hoop house design: I decided not to do the 30 feet as he calls for and just 20 feet to start my small system. Enough room to do a few IBC tanks and have a fodder system at one end. David
  3. Anyone in Raleigh/Durham/Greensboro area give me a shout so we can share ideas. David
  4. I went and visited these guys a few weeks ago. Their father started it with the two boys and have now turned it over to the boys. They lease the property from the University and they paid for everything themselves. The only involvement with the university that would effect their bottom line would be the fish. A professor at the university takes care of the fish. They do not produce fish for sale and in fact have had some of the same fish for over two years. Some biggins in the tank. They have about 3500 talapia. They grow basil only. I think it is 28,000 dozen per year. They are in 91 supermarkets. Have been doing this since 2006. I was told they had to make a decision in the beginning to either reduce the amount of fish or get a filter. They opted to a reduction in fish and it has worked. David