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  1. Thanks Johnatan and Jonty. AP
  2. Where in Brisbane can I buy some calcium carbonate and potassium carbonate? AP
  3. Where in Brisbane can I buy some calcium carbonate and potassium carbonate? AP
  4. John I have used the urea as per your instructions. Ammonia is 4.0 ppm, Nitite is 2.0 ppm and Nitrates are 0.5 ppm after 9 days. PH is 7.2. Gary D supplied 80 lts of fish water containing the bacteria and some duck weed. Aussieponic
  5. Notable i have a HPM digital timer that lets me do 14 on and 14 offs per 24 hours. I have been running it for 2 week now with out any problems and it is outside under an ice cream container. Aussieponic
  6. Mery Christmas to all. Aussieponic
  7. Jonathan, thanks for you info, very helpful, will put it into practice. AP
  8. hi Johnathan. I have a total of 7000lts of water and 5000lts of Growbeds. If I was to use urea to kickstart my system, do I dose it once or several times along the way? Aussieponic
  9. Gary have not recieved you phone number via PM yet. I would love you to come here with the water and the duck weed so you can see my system. I should be ready in about 2 weeks. AP
  10. Thanks Gary will be in about 2 weeks I will repy via PM Thanks AP
  11. Gary thanks for the offer of the fish water I would love to get some. Also a small amount of duck weed to start me off would be good. Thanks AP
  12. Hi Gary , thanks for your reply. I can get bottles of 500ml or 2.5 lt. I think the 500ml is about $12.00 not sure on the 2.5. I have not spoken to the company yet but The school where I work gets it through Bayside Chemicals. I will ring them next week and see if I can buy through them. The lab techs seem to think I can. Do you think if was to start putting in the amonia a little each day as you suggest, would i need the 2.5 lt bottle? The ammonia is 25% solution. It is dangerous stuff and not to be fooled with. I will need to wear eye, lung and skin protection. Thanks again AP
  13. Gary hi. In your book "Urban Aquaponics" You talk about cycling the system with pure ammonia. I can get hold of some of this as 25% in water solution. My question is how much do i need to cycle my system? I have 2500 lt in the fish tank, 4500 lt in the sump tank and 5000 lt of Growbed space. Thanks Aussieponic
  14. Murry as to the problem with frost. It is not the clear roof that has failed. It is the fact that there is no side protection. Frost rolls in from the side not down from above. A lot of people use hesian around a plant to prevent frost damage. you could use rolls od hesian around your structure to help prevent frost damage at night and take it off during the day. Aussieponic