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  1. I had one that did well with dill and G basil, but after the proprietary bulb burnt out in less than 2 months I refuse to buy another at their exorbitant prices, so chalked it up to lesson learned. Maybe some day I'll get around to re-wiring it with standard light sockets.
  2. I'm in the minority, but IMHO, nutrient lock out is largely over blown as it relates to aquaponics. I don't think it happens nearly as often as most folks think. Plant whatever you want, what's the worse that can happen it doesn't grow? I'm currently growing tomatoes, hot peppers, cabbage, lettuce, and basil (lots of basil) without difficulty in an indoor continuously flooded/continuous flow system with a ph 0f 7.9 . IMHO most folks that run into problems do so 'cause they're too dang impatient to let their system mature, so they start tinkering with water chemistry and create their own problems that really never existed in the first place. Thats how I see it anyways.
  3. I think the problem with any kind of screen on an overflow drain is that it keeps the solids in the FT where removal becomes problematic. I use a SLO that goes to the bottom of my tank with a minimal gap (3/16 to 1/4) between it and the tank bottom. Sorta acts like a vacuum cleaner and the solids move on to the mechanical filter where they belong and are easily removed.
  4. If you're using tropicals ya better have a back up plan that involves massive use of wattage, even in Florida. LOL
  5. I'd tell ya but don't wanna ruin his surprise.
  6. Looks like saprolegnia which if in your tank in sufficient numbers can attack live fish, but I suspect the fish has been dead longer than 12 hours and you just didn't notice it. Saprolegnia feeds off decaying organic matter in your tank.
  7. We've always had PC's at home, the wife has a Mac at work and hates it.
  8. If you're refering to a regular air compressor, be aware that the air will contain oil vapor.
  9. AquaForte Compact Sieve ? About $450. 4000 gph max flow.
  10. What's the ph of your source water? Could be you're just starting with water that has a high buffering capacity to begin with.
  11. I use 24 hrs without aeration with no problems. I can't imagine the flouride accumulation being a problem as I've had at times fish tanks running for up to about 5 years at a time without negative(to my mind) impact on the fish or bio filters.
  12. The red or purple growth may indicate a phosphorus deficiency.
  13. IMHO to be effective a sieve needs to incorporate a wedge wire sieve bend which ain't cheap to begin with.
  14. Welcome to the forum.
  15. Sorry, double post.