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  1. This message edited by Pugo
  2. A NOTE FROM THE ADMINISTRATOR.... Nelson (AKA Christopher, Pikey, Pascal, Hu Flung Dung) has passed on due to a terminal case of Food and Mouth Disease. Dung (as he was known to his friends Nelson, Christopher, Pikey and Pascal) failed to grasp the ethos of APHQ.....and allowed his desire to be acrimonious to overcome his interest in aquaponics. He will be sadly missed by his friends Nelson, Christopher, Pikey and Pascal. The rest of us probably won't give a rat's backside. Gary
  3. Update of my mini 3 in 1 swirl filter...
  4. Knowing what you want, need and what will work, will come with experience. Once you have your own system, you'll know what I mean...
  5. Pleased you took all of 2 minutes to dismiss my idea and recommend someone else’s design...
  6. Cleaning will be a 2 minute job. Unhook it and dump it out into a bucket..? Does it get any simpler..?
  7. I'm in the first week of cycling my system. I have chosen not to use fish in the cycling phase. They don't deserve to die a horrible death, for the cause. I don't mind stunning them, an despatching them quickly, when I want to eat them but, I don't want them to die a slow, lingering death at my hand...
  8. Do we have plagiarism rules on this site..? Shouldn't we at least credit our source..?
  9. This is my experimental mini swirl filter, aerator and input flow regulator. The idea is, fish tank water enters through the base of the unit and is directed in a swirl direction. Through centrifugal force, solids are thrown to the sides of the unit and gravity will cause them to fall to the bottom of the tank. During this process, surface air is introduced to the system, thus aiding aeration. There are 2 stand pipes, also connected via tank fittings through the base of the unit. The first stand pipe returns the cleaner, aerated water back to the fish tank and determines the maximum head of water. The second stand pipe is 50mm lower than the stand pipe that returns water to the fish tank. The 50mm difference is a constant. So the flow out of the second stand pipe should be constant as there will always be a 50mm head of water. The regulated flow to the grow bed should help to eliminate fluctuations in the water supplied by the pump. The pump is totally unregulated and subject to massive changes in flow due to electricity supply (up and down like a brides knickers if you live in Taiwan), debris floating around in the system, temperature, etc... If you can regulate the input flow to the grow bed, you have a better chance of keeping your auto syphons going because you’ve eliminated one of the varying factors, ‘input flow’. So, removing solids, adding air and regulating the input flow to the grow bed. I reckon that adds up to a win, win, win situation…
  10. I was advised that 25mm is a good depth below the grow bed media.
  11. They've climbed from 22 Deg C over the past 2 months and it's not high summer yet!
  12. Taiwan fish tank temperature currently 28 Deg C.
  13. I guess you'd like a system of your own..? Then, you’d be better placed to have an informed opinion on other peoples systems…
  14. Well then everything I have learned about Aquaponics is bollocks!
  15. Nitrates without Nitrites..? Yes or No..? Nice graphs…