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  1. hi murray, what sort of size will they be?
  2. Hi Ian, i am chilled out Ian look at when I last posted on this topic and what I wrote. was just informing rex on the term in australia and that was all but funny now people take things, after all it is an ozzie forum.
  3. In adelaide I would run some goldfish for 3-4months then get some barra from the hatchery at west beach and u will have table size fish quicker then any other fish or if you plan on heating at 22.5 all winter get the barra now and you will have fish ready dec-jan if you do go with barra you can get upto 100mm fingerlings from west beach which is the size I used to get I saw some video of my old fish and they were 1.5kg avg. in 10months but water temp runs at 28-30c with tanks indoors
  4. only a fridgy duff not a sparky its a b class licence that u could get, and only allows you to work on a air cond or a refridgeration, very limited to what you can do. tafe might give you the paper but the licencing office is a different story. plus a plumber can get a b class licence to only disconect and reconect a new HWS's
  5. hi ken i understand the roof tiler has a licence but do u know how my mate got his tilers lincence? worked with a bloke for 6 months and the boss wrote a letter and then he goes into the lincencing office with MONEY the letter answer a few basic questions and he walks out a full ticketed tradesman to do roof tiling and also floor tiling, now work that out. he was paid in that 6 months a labours wage which is good money and no trade school plus the has a dual trade.
  6. hi ken, thats why i choose a trade that is strickly licenced (sparky) and because there will always be work in the demanding energy world, duff, maybe I should have done your shop lights, maybe you copped a 1st year sparky and 2nd year plumber which soundslike it. Did you get COC from them? if not then you should ask questions. And about that bit of paper, no one will touch you with out it in elec. plumbing and gasfitting fields australia wide. but on the other hand tafe do offer some ****, which in turn people do and come out thinking they are pro's i did 4years of work as an apprentice working very hard plus study and got paid sh#t but now it has paid off, so if someone was to get a ticket after just doing tafe i would be bitter.
  7. Hi Fishy, the size of pump u should need would be the 3500lt/hour from the info u have given but the quality I'm not sure on but with a 2 year warranty sounds like a good buy. at 1 metre head you should still be able to turn the water volume over in under 1 hr which is standard rule of thumb
  8. hi and welcome 150 fish in 1500lt of water is ok but it takes more monitoring of the system, If you have water quility problems with 150 fish in 1500lts of water u might have to change some water until the system settles, so make sure that it (the system) has fully cycled before adding fish
  9. really gary not suitable for aussie culture tho
  10. hi rex, you think humans will have tags in lest than ten years? NLIS is a great system for the farmer if they operate the software correcctly reasons being they can record weight gain, compare different breeds, monitor pour on's and drenching etc etc. helps track stock been stolen which since living out in cattle country it happen's alot and I mean alot. so for on farm management it is excellent the problem is the national database management system that the farmer's arn't happy with. "aussies with coon skins on our walls" comments like that in australia arnt welcomed unless you are a racist.
  11. hi I have been chatching alot of craybobs and in my hop nets i have caught a few turtles(long neck) but also I have caught some fish which a local farmer says there called spotted cod, has anyone heard of this type of cod? I'm not to familiar with freshwater species as I have always fished in salt waters in adelaide. cheers dale
  12. obo you seem set on your design of back up system and if your happy good on you, but I was just letting people know the correct info and then let them make the choice. You fisrt quoted $200 for and truck batt. and in your second post it's $160 and why 2x 4amp chargers???? Why do you run yours 24/7 thru the inverter one thing is forsure if you use a standard automotive batt. charger that will only bulk charge then you will suffer batt. failure alot quicker.
  13. Hi obo, I have to say that running your pumps full time on a cheap inverter will cause slow long term damage to your equipment because an inverter for $100 is only producing a square sine wave not a true sine wave, you should also use a deep cycle battery if you can afford it As for a battery charger you will need one that is suitable to leave connected 24/7 which will cycle the battery and keep it in optium condition. supercheap sell them and are called Battery Fighter, I think they sell 2 sizes organicusrex a surge protector covering the whole property will fix any surges from the power supply company. and we also have different wiring rule standards to the usa
  14. hi mate is it permiculite or vermiculite that you have used from bunnings
  15. good post Ian :):)