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  1. Please advise on the following... Is this a viable alternative in order to save time (and energy) if many large (8 ft+ ?) tanks are required? Thanks.
  2. Opps! ... I hope I didn't open up a can of worms here. BTW Jonathan, can you give me some details please? Which species?... GM "SuperMales"?... Is your supplier FishGen or a supplier closer to you? Which system are you starting with - Greenwater or Clearwater?... What will you do later in the year to control water temperature? Sorry for all the questions but as a novice I'm understandably curious. Thanks.
  3. ^ ^ ^ Yup, Tilapia are omnivorous. Duckweed can be used as supplimental feed. Why are Tilapia banned in Australia? It seems to be one of the most hardy, prolific species available for commercial aquaculture worldwide. If open mariculture is an eco-issue, couldn't it be exploited inland, undercover in closed-loop, recycled clear-water systems instead? "Organic" Certification possible... Higher yield/m3... Faster Grow-out... More profit? My $0.02¢
  4. Hi everybody. I'm an older "newbie" from Trinidad & Tobago, in the Caribbean (next to Venezuela.) I've been reading and learning for about 10 months. My wife and I are starting Level 1 (and then Level 2) Aquaponics production & farm management courses in September. Gov't is trying to rejuvinate the long dormant Tilapia industry with Training and Incentive programmes. Hoping to buy/lease land and start small scale Tilapia production after training ends in February 2009. If sucessful, then onto integrated hydroponic production after that. BTW does anyone have any experience using duckweed as supplementary feedstock for Tilapia? Thanks.