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  1. Well hello to everyone, I finally got of my lazy behind and decided to join instead of just lurking around reading everyone’s postings (and because of the seemly endless prompts to join so I can search ). So why did I decide to get myself into this? I have always loved gardening but I have always been a “flat lander†until last year when I finally gave up and built myself raised beds and moved on to square foot gardening. The square foot method works, but once I introduced a new dog into the house and the yard towards the end of the growing season (when everything has fruited nicely and just days away from prime picking)…. Well… everything in the garden became dog food from tomatoes to lovely 3 inch onions, bell peppers to zucchini… once he ate everything then the digging started. So now my 6 nice raised beds look like short coffins sitting in the backyard morning the loss of their garden…. So onto the aquaponics part of the story. This year for my birthday (about two weeks ago) my dad bought be a green house as an attempt to keep this from happening again. It’s nothing too fancy just a little 6 foot by 8 foot green house and as soon the weather breaks to about 40 degrees (F) outside for a few days and snow melts I will have a chance to put it together. Sorry I got distracted from the point of the story. So I have been looking at means of hydroponic gardening and I came across a few articles on aquaponics and at the time seem interesting to me and safer than all the chemicals needed for hydroponic gardening. So a few articles became 10 articles and snow balled in my head since then and this is the reason I ended up here. Hope that helps and I didn’t bore anyone too badly. Depending on how this posting goes I plan to update my progress on here from time to time. I will close in saying thank you for taking the time to read this posting and hope to hear back from anyone that made it through it in one piece.