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  1. Dont worry lads, recessions coming! And its done more to limit carbon emissions that all the green **** added together. Also the pain we are feeling now is exactly what we need to get alternative techs going. There are many that are directly compeditative with oil now. What we need is a massive spike in oil to make it near unaffordable...COME ON ISRAEL, Save the environment, Nuke Iran!
  2. Thats an interesting post gav. I think your right in a lot of ways, people nee to abandon the pursuit of money and objects. I have been much happier since I have. I gave up working for the money, took a job on a third of what I was earning but left time for the family and moved back to the countryside, I've never been happier. I have more fun playing in the mud with the kids chasing the guinea pigs and rabbits than I ever had in any fancy club... A lot of people talk about the end of the earth in x billion yrs, but that is a LONG time! Especially when your lifespan is 70yrs lol! I was reading a sort of related article about Avogadro and the size of the atom. he calculated that 12 grams of carbon contain 6 followed by 23 zeros of atoms. So in about half an ounce of sugar there are that many atoms. Now if god had half an ounce of sugar, and a pair of really fine tweezers, and after creating the world (at the big bang) sat down and started taking out carbon atoms with the tweezers and puting them in a seperate little pile at a rate of one atom per second, after working steadily for the last 15billion years his pile would contain ONE MILLIONTH of half an ounce of sugar!!!!!
  3. I would like to look at algae to methanol/methane.....just tub the water in the sun and scoop out the hair algae... You tried anything yet?
  4. The thing with fish farming in cages is it really messes with the environment, with all the nitrogenous wastes they through out, can lead to algal blooms ect. They also spread diseases to wild populations, and as you know lot animals in a small space ='s lots of disease! Another thing is the fish that are trawled off the bottom of the sea to be ground up for food. Recirculating the water forces us to deal with the waste and can create a sweet little system. The idea is you grow fish, the produce waste that grows algae and seaweed which feeds humans and little bugs which are grazed by something like mullet that are harvested to feed the fish. This takes a lot of strain off the natural environment, and is ace if you have desert by the sea, ie cheap land with loadsa sun!!!!
  5. Nice setup...
  6. The interest is because seafish and shellfish taste good. As for vegetables their are lots of really nice seaweeds... With fisheries collapsing left right and center if you live near the sea and have the space, its as logical as freshwater AP. Here in the UK they are breeding lobsters in aquaculture setups, growing them in trays like were suggested for the yabbies, the releasing them at 2", to try and maintain some wild stock!
  7. There was an article in scientific american with a company claiming to have spawned bluefin tuna in captivity and have raised the fish past the laval stage...apparently still be a couple of years till they are old enough for market...Had like 200,000 gallon tanks or something!
  8. Yeah, you hit the nail on the head there. I remember reading a quote yrs ago...something about learning to recognise the difference between the people that talk and you listen, and the others that talk and you smile and nod and carry on as you were before. We have travelling butchers too. But they are really expensive...I could buy two whole butchered lambs of the farm market for what they charge... Our neighbours as kids use to raise their own pigs, they had a guy come round to do the pigs...they always went on holiday while it was done cause they always got attached to them. The thing is like annie says, travelling to somewhere strange can be very terrifying for an animal, and we intend to eat them a lot older than the animals we buy, we can give them a better life first! It is a hard one is brutal, our cavemen ancestors would be laughing at me now!!!
  9. You slaughter cows on your farm? How do you do that? Stun gun or do you shoot them? In the UK its pretty much illegal to kill your own food. If I slaughter a lamb it is okay for me to eat it but if I give any to my family I am breaking the law, but you can import god knows what from god knows where and feed it to your kids legally!!! That makes it hard to find anyone who knows... I dont like killing things, but I do go shooting. Thats different though cause you dont know the animals, and there is an adversarial element to it. A good shot is quick and clean and from a distance. But holding a rabbit that trusts you? That will be harder. I might just make them a big free range pen with a high chair at one end! lol
  10. Nice Work!!! Did you line the wood frame with ply before lining?
  11. Yeah, its going to be interesting to see how we get on with slaughtering animals in our family. I wonder how my daughter will be. But if we cant we'll all be going vegetarian! I'm looking at all the males thinking...hmmm, difficult to justify you! If we give them a good life though.....
  12. A lot of the nasties will be absorbed and concentrated in the veggies...not good. Thats why I cant use any of the veg from my much for saving money!
  13. Thats really interesting. One of the fish I am trailing is the giant gourami. Its farmed in asia and its majour plus point is it has a labrinth oragn that allows it to breath air. They transport it to market wrapped in wet leaves and they live for hrs and hrs. Not much help with other species though! Any of you lot heard of the aussie outfit who reakon they have cracked the aquaculture of blue fin tuna? Most of them will be off to japan so they'll want to know more!
  14. obama is gonna be interesting, given that hes technically and apostate and sharia law has only one penalty for that...death. That should make his dealings with the saudis 'interesting'. He also has a lot of personal knowledge of extremeist politics, with what the kenyan side of his family is up to and his links to dodgy churches. I think on balance he'll do a clinton, all love and kisses on the stage, off it a hard veer to the right. How long was clinton in office before he bombed sudan?
  15. Its amazing how fast knowledge dissappears. We live in an agricultural area and often go to the national/county shows and I've never seen anything on rabbits. We nearly lost all our bantams too, but luckily they are making a bit of a comeback, there is still presious little on the net, but you see them a lot more in the papers and at shows. I spent the past 2 days trying to make a rabbit enclosure, 'mediteranean style', and have got the rabbits in there. Now we'll see whether they dig there burrows there or escape!!!! I like these rabbits a lot more than I thought I would! They love having a bit of space, they are running around jumping like spring lambs. The enlosure is 2.5m by 5m. I put a little poly tunnel in for them after reading murrays link to the berkely farm and the symbiosis! well fingers crossed!