ACF - The subsistence fishfarming in Africa: Technical Manual

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About This File

The subsistence fishfarming

in Africa: Technical Manual


Devrig VELLY - Senior Food Security advisor, AAH

Cédric BERNARD - Food Security advisor in DRC, AAH

François CHARRIER - Food Security advisor in DRC, AAH, Rereader


François MEUNIER - Emeritas Professor at MNHN, President of AIMARA,


Patrice PRUVOST - Secretary of AIMARA

Hélène PAGÉZY - Researcher, CNRS

Other collaborators

Roland BILLARD - Emeritas Professor at MNHN, Rereader

Didier PAUGY - Research Director at IRD

Thierry OBERDORFF - Research Director at IRD

Jérome LAZARD - Research Director at IRD

Alain BARBET - Agronomist

Anton LAMBOJ - Researcher, University of Vienna, Austria.

Mickael NEGRINI - Fishfarming technician

Kirk WINNEMILLER - Researcher, University of Texas, USA

Étienne BEZAULT - Researcher, EAWAG, Switzerland

Fabien NANEIX - Teacher

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Good one Kellen!  I am reading it just now and noting down several points that are useful.  Thanks for the share..vkn

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