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  2. Hi cosmo Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
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  5. Hi Everyone just trying to grow year round Thanks Cosmo
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  7. I second Ande's suggestion to give iAVs consideration. Aquaponics seems, to me anyway, to be a balancing act that requires monitoring on a somewhat regular basis. You need to be aware of your fish load with regard to the size of your setup, you will need an outside filter/separator for the solids, you will need a mineralization tank to turn the filtered solids into minerals the plants can use, and you will need to monitor the water ph and monitor the minerals that may/may not be present to produce nice veggies. With iAVs all of the above is pretty much taken care of in the sandbeds. Cruise around these sites to learn more about iAVs. There's more, but these should keep you busy for a while. If your goal is simplicity, flexability and forgiveness of rookie mistakes, I strongly recommend iAVs. And.......the iAVs sandbeds allow for growing a wider variety of vegetables than gravel and raft beds.
  8. Hi again Nope the sand will not get in the pump if properly designed. You can find a lot of info on IAVS here and in the download section here cheers
  9. Does the sand not tear up the pumps? I will research this type of system. Thank you!
  10. Hi Jbax1985 Welcome to APN/HQ It will work, you should however consider some sort of solids filtration, if that's your choice of method/media. Lava rock is sharp on your hands and hard to clean when time comes, but it does have a large SSA . Expanded clay might not give sufficient root support for larger plants. Unless you already bought the lava/clay media or have easy/cheap access to it, you might want to look at sand (IAVS) as a option. With IAVS you don't need solids filtration. cheers
  11. I am brand new to aquaponics, like don’t even have media in my grow bedss yet, and I need all help I can get. I have watched every video I can find and read numerous articles. I will have a 300 gallon system with 2 IBC tote tops as grow beds and a raft bed the same size. I was wanting to use lava rock topped off with expanded clay for media. What are the thoughts here?
  12. Hi BD I think the tube is leaking Remember Sam was tapping in to it, that might be the problem ? The temps are bouncing up and down all the time here cheers
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  14. If you use Aquaponics at home, farm or work, please take our survey. We are seeking information about the Aquaponics industry. Although our primary focus is Oklahoma, we encourage anyone to fill it out. It will be used to guide programs to serve the needs of Aquaponics producers in Oklahoma and beyond. If a question addresses Oklahoma, and you are from elsewhere, please answer it as if it were asked about your location. We can separate the information easily to identify different needs in different regions. This study is supported by the USDA as part of the U.S. Farm Bill. Thank you for your help!!
  15. Please help if you can. I've had my system up and going for 2 years. I've not had any problems until recently. I harvested lettuce and snow peas and they have a distinctive aroma and flavor. It's like a musty, mildew sort of smell, not good. I have a couple ideas what it might be, but I'm not 100 percent. I recently changed over to an organic feed and I added some michorrhizal fungi to see if it would have any effect. Hopefully this is not the effect. Is anyone else having this problem? We're you able to isolate the cause?
  16. How's the tube working Ande? I've been pumping some degrees C over to you. We're heading for a top of 32C today with a minimum of 19C over night...Loving it!. Cheers.
  17. Only if you're interested, if you want to figure out how large a box four of the egg hatching trays would fit into, and a ball park weight, I would be happy to pre-pay shipping plus more to make it worth your while if shipping isn't too high. Most likely whatever shipping is would still be cheaper than buying them brand new. I assume you are talking Marisource or similar egg vertical incubation hatching trays?  Thanks!

    1. phri


      Sorry that's a misunderstanding, I have those horizontal "old style" raceway tanks with hatching trays.

      I don't think shipping is a viable option, these tanks are like 3.5 meter long and build from fiberglass/resin. I am shipping from the us sometimes and the freight is shocking; 3 months ago I paid US $350 for freight for a small adjustable bar grader; viable as none in the country at that time and client had 100,000 fingerlings of a cannibalistic species hammering each other. 

    2. Cecil


      Yes I misunderstood no problem. And yes shipping is crazy for something like that. However I am lucky I can buy the horizontal raceways from a company in Florida USA (Pentair/AES) with free shipping on orders over $50.00. If one has to pay shipping here many times the shipping is just as much or more than the tank! 

  18. A better picture of a California Egg Hatching Basket showing different mesh sizes for different egg sizes of different species. I contacted California Fish & Game to find out if they still used these and where I can purchase the mesh. Was assured my question would be forwarded to the property fisheries section. No response yet.
  19. I do wonder if I would even need need a cabinet if I only need one tray. Seems to me I could set the tray up above a trough and just let the flow drop into the trough. I seem to remember hearing the fry can leave a tray once they swim off into a trough. Maybe if the top screen is removed and they leave with the overflow? Or was a different set up? I wonder what shipping would be from Australia the slowest way possible? Might still be less than the cost of buying them? OTOH it might not be as they would probably have to go by air vs. boat.
  20. I think I would prefer the old style trough tanks, as you actually can see what's going on without opening anything, and thus this will enable you to pick up a problem hopefully before it becomes a disaster. It's a pity you are not closer as I have 4 of those laying around unused including 4 trays each.
  21. I was in error. The cabinet is $285.15.
  22. I think I can built the cabinet out of square stock aluminum with snap in connectors and a few bolts. I'm all for a company making money but $346.69 plus shipping from Washington State for just an aluminum frame is a little much IMHO. I can even order the aluminum stock with wings on it to slide the egg trays on. I would weld but I have no experience in welding. Could also hire someone to weld it but with the snap ins and a few bolts there is no need. By building the cabinet I can just order the egg trays. I actually think I only need one judging by the low number of eggs I hatch. Thoughts?
  23. The tube is finally working lol. With that weather now Ande, You'll need to borrow one of my fleet.Take your pick Cheers.
  24. Hi BD Nice job Talk about fast delivery, I'm impressed cheers
  25. Stress due to on-off switching of pumps is mainly a result of high inrush currents at start-up. If you put a soft-starter or a vsd (speed drive) before a pump you limit this wear substantial. Obvious this is most relevant for larger expensive pumps. If you need a pump of less then 100W I wouldn't worry too much about start-up wear. Dry or submerged installation has both positives as well as negatives. My general advise; Small pump submerged with a magnet drive, bigger pumps dry installation, pump with shaft connecting motor & pump. Waste water pump submerged, as suction head tends to be low due to larger space between impeller and pumphouse.
  26. Thanks Phri. Actually they are not difficult to build. Takes a little more then 30 minutes to cut out the pieces and cut the mesh material. Then siliconing in the mesh is easy. That said, may spring for a set of four of these for next year. Then place the fish into the rectangular tank as alevins if I can't find the trip warp material.
  27. Nicely done with the laundry baskets, although seems like a lot of work to make. As an alternative you can use 50 mm pvc to make a floating frame, covered with oyster mesh, fixed with cable ties. Make them big enough so a box grader fit in and you can grade on size within 1 tank.
  28. Hi Ande, It doesn't look like your boats are going to go far ATM We're heading for a nice 35 C here today... I'll have another go at sending you that 15 C today. You sure could do with it. Cheers.
  29. Can anyone recommend me the best product from the list mentioned in this site
  30. Hi again Well didn't see those 15c yet Got another load of snow on Sunday Then the temp. dropped further today almost -12C this morning So I bailed my sons boat with a shovel this morning Sure hope to see those +15c soon cheers
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