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  2. Hi Wonder if any of you recognize, or are familiare with this RDF ? Old Hydrotech filter ? It's been used in a conservation/wild Salmon hatchery that closed down 2 years ago. cheers
  3. Hi again First out and four more definatly working on the matter (day 34) cheers
  4. Hi Finaly the remaining 21 eggs started peep/hatch yesterday evning (day 33) So I'm crossing fingers cheers
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  6. Hi Julio Welcome to APN/HQ You'll fine numerous hybrid systems amongst the APN forum members, as long as the fish loop gets adequate water filtering any growing system is fine. Strider's build thread might be a good read for you Also Lukeboshier's threads might be of interest for you (he is located in South Africa like you) cheers
  7. Hey Everyone, I am currently in the process of starting my own small to medium scale commercial Aquaponics farm, I have been working with Hydroponics for a few months but I feel that Aquaponics is the more natural way to grow produce. I am very keen to listen to any input on the type of system I should be considering as I am looking more towards a Hybrid system with wicking beds and a DWC setup. Any comments on this type of setup would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to learning from all of you. Regards Julio
  8. Well their teats are pink. Maybe they start out as strawberry? :-)
  9. On a funny note was doing a presentation several years ago when I was president of my state aquaculture association. One guy from Purdue made the comment, "We heard you don't do much in aquaculture." Kind of insulting but I'm sure it originally came from one of the academics there. Ironically my fish prices are second only to high end koi farms in Japan. I may not have the numbers but I get at least $40.00 each for my fish going up to $250.00. I run out of trout in a few weeks.
  10. Aloha!!! Walter.. I'm Norm808 and I'm new here. My wife and I live in the Republic De Panama. We've been here about 1 1/2 years. We want to set up a aquponics system but have been having a hard time finding tilapia fingerlings. Are you still living in Panama? Thanks Norm808
  11. Hi Vini375 Welcome to APN/HQ The nutrients will stay in the water no matter how long the distance you run it, unless they are used by plants(algea),micro organisms, deluted, gassed of etc. and finaly return to the fish tank. I guess it,s more for practical reasons you would have to walk around it, or build cross walkways, and/or head loss if you have to pipe/pump the water back to fishtanks for long distances. cheers
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  13. Terrific as always Cecil. Beautiful work man!
  14. Hi All. Can someone please help me out with a question that has been bothering me for some time now? I would like to build a massive Aquaponics system in a large green house. My idea is to have swirl filter flow into my wicked bed thats 1/4 of the overall growing area which then flows into a DWC system and the back up into my fish tank. Whats bothering is the distance, at what distance in the growing systems does one start to lose nutrients? I have heard a guy once tell me that the growing systems shouldn't extend more than 25m, anything longer than 25m your nutrients starts to get lost to the plants. Is this true or can someone share their experiences and expertise with me? Your input would be much appreciated.
  15. There is some amazing work out there but a lot of stuff that makes one cringe when one sees it. I do a fair amount of repainting of other's work that is pretty dismal.
  16. Amazing work! WOW!
  17. For lunch today.. Here is a one-year-old snakehead fish from our aquaponics system at Nanniode. This is part of the second yield trial we began an year ago.
  18. And strawberry milk? Pink cows? Have never seen any pink cows. Must be from magic pink unicorns.
  19. As some of you know I hatch, feed train, and grow out gamefish to trophy size for the taxidermy and replica fish industry and I'm a fish taxidermist myself. I've done everything but beat fish farmers over the head to show them this is a viable sideline for their fish to no avail. Finally decided I had to do it myself about a decade a go. One type of customer is the taxidermist that needs large natural specimens to mount for state, national, and world competitions. As those of us that are anglers know you can't just go out anytime and catch a trophy fish in public waters unless you are lucky enough to live somewhere where that is common place. The following two fish won first place at the national level. The very latest is this brook trout raised in my trout pond and mounted by Mickey Bowman of Oklahoma. This brown was also a first place fish a few years ago and mounted by Frank Kotula of Pennsylvannia, USA. Needless to say I have a waiting list for large trout and run out of them very quickly.
  20. I'm surprised it's not higher. We have people here that are too lazy to learn or know the facts. They're in their own little world. Knowledge of world geography outside of their county is even more dismal. You can't blame it on the educational system. These people are willfully ignorant.
  21. It's just to funy 7% of US adults thinks that chocolate milk comes from brown cows cheers
  22. Hi Wery disapointing Candelling on day 18 showed 22 eggs ok 7 unsertain ? the rest was scraped. So allready under 50% starting with 60 eggs So down to one tray now cheers
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    Hi A good read doc./pdf on the subject IMO Nitrite Poisoning or "Brown Blood" Disease- A Preventable Problem by Jesse A. Chappell. Extension Fisheries Specialist, Assistant Professor, Auburn University ( 2008 ) enjoy cheers
  24. Good choice.
  25. Btw a friend of mine married a girl from Harrisville.
  26. Hi Cecil Yes, they have an excellent operation there, a true family farm.
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