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  2. For lunch today..assorted red/green amaranth and bottle gourd from our Easy trial systems. Chinese potatoes are on second yield trial with spacing and feed rate changes.
  3. If you have watched my threads you have seen that i have lost fish in the past due to power failers and when gfi/breakers trip... i have no doubt i have lost several hundred dollars worth of fish over the last 3 or so years.... as i ramp up, it was really important to me to mitigate this risk. just think 9 months form now i could have about 100 2+ lb channel cats and 500 bg/res/crappie at .5-.75 lbs... if i was to buy fish of that size it would be over a thousand dollars.. not to mention the emotional loss of spending a year raising fish and them all being used as compost. So i have invested in a two part strategy for monitoring.... 1) there is an audible alarm that sounds if the circuit goes down 2) I found this little doodad online that will text me when there is a power outage...It was actually made to detect flooding in basements, but it also alerts when it loses power... So i have it on the same circuit as my aquaponics and i put the sensor next to my hot water heater.. So as a bonus i have it keeping an eye on that for extra value... its a couple hundred dollars and the cell phone subscription is about 50$ a year but i think its easy to tell how worthwhile it is given the value of what i am protecting.. When it loses power it text my two cell phones, one of which also sends me emails.... if i am at home and asleep i probably wont hear/wake up to a text and an email but i the audible alarm is definitely loud enough... If i am at work or not at home when my power goes out (it always seems to happen during the day/morning when the cable company is digging, amirite?) i should be able to get home and handle the situation. I have higher density than most but it's not really that high.. i should have 2-3 hours to get home and get the generator running before things go really bad.. Maybe only an hour in the hottest days of summer, but i work only 35 mins away....
  4. Hi Aufin, blasting sand is fairly expensive, twice or 3 times the price when purchasing from homedepo or lowes, and it will be another research project to find local provider for such quality sand. i think i will stick to the quarry order and get it processed this week. i feel i have done plenty research for the local source and ended up finding something 51 miles away. many can claim its easy to find sand, well not the right kind of sand that will #1 drain properly over time, #2 allow furrows to flood consistently, #3 provide oxygen as it drains retaining it to feed the good bacteria that is key to the system and #4 survives the times! that is beside the fact it must be inert and doesn't cause disbalance to ph. not much room to choose how it looks i was fairly obsessed to find the right sand, determined and tried to follow all advice based on reason and analysis to come to best conclusion from my understanding. i might be over-analyzing things but i dont have any better guidance than what i got from various forums. not much of a local source to give me face to face advice and react to questions in real time
  5. Have you asked about any sand blasting sand? I ran into the same issue with "custom" mixes. I settled for a few yards of 6/20 coarse blasting sand. Might be a little bit outside the optimal envelope, but my setup has been working just fine with the 6/20.
  6. Hi again Sounds great IMO this is your final sand mix then (for those unfamiliar with the US grading/inch) 40% #12 0.0661in= 1.67894mm 40% #20 0.0331in= 0.84074mm 20% #30 0.0234in= 0.59436mm cheers
  7. When i was in college, i built a 3 stage homebrew station. I made lots of beer with that rig. But alas, i have not used it in over 5 years. The copper was turning green and the plastic on the motors was cracking. Its time to either clean it up and repair it or throw it away and since i dont use it there was really no decision to be made. I was staring at it trying to figure out if i need to call bulk trash pickup or if i can cut it down into small enough pieces to fit in a can... when i was like... why not reuse it. The structure will last forever.. so, i unmounted the motors, cut off all the copper and turned it into a seedling starter table. Which can also be used as the first stage to harden off plants i started indoors. On the side of the house there it only gets 3-4 hours of direct sunlight every day (at most). The roof is really intended to keep the runoff/drip from house from pelting the plants not so much for shade.
  8. Cecil, I certainly want to hear about your feed training crappie. I have my own feed training crappie 2/.0 going on in my garage, I just havent had time to compile pictures or videos to show it off. I will be moving some of the crappie to an outside tank this week so i will get a count of how many i was able to feed train out of 200.
  9. so i got a quote back for the spec combination which is a custom order. its pricey, however, its 5 yards, i might as well stock up on this sand if i am to continue to do IAVS with lack of good sources around. i dont know, the problem with local sources is their aggregate is fairly mixed of wide range or sand sizes across the spectrum. they dont exactly have consistent combination. in most cases their particle sizes are too fine. the pricing from local providers for random aggregate is 3 times less, however, getting consistent aggregate from homedepot, lowes in bags will be 500$ more ontop of what i am paying from quarry with delivery. so get trash sand for 3 times less and risk it or get custom order for 3 times more or get it in bags for almost 5 times more than the cheapest solution.
  10. i am probably annoying the quarry sales person with my "custom" order questions for "small" 3 cubic yards of sand (comparing to what they order in minimum, around 20 cubic yards)
  11. Thank You Vkn, i have been in contact with quarry to see if any providers that order from them have similar aggregate of what you mentioned. i am definitely making sure i make the right choice without being too hasty
  12. Goats are pretty funny, and provide a lot of entertainment. They are also fantastic at cleaning up weeds and overgrown brush. They aren't entirely maintenance free though. Deworming when needed, hoof trimming, etc. The lowest maintenance are typically Spanish goats, Myotonic goats and Kiko goats. If you're going to keep a couple of males, it's best to get wethers (fixed goats). Intact males stink pretty badly, especially during Fall rut. For wethers, I think Bokis (50% Boer, 50% Kiko) are also fantastic.
  13. I saw the funniest thing driving by a farm with goats. It had poured rain earlier and the goats were in a shed. As I drove by a soaked one popped his head and and looked up at the sky. As if to say, "does it look like it's going to rain again?" I've thought about getting a goat or two to keep some of my pond banks trimmed. Anybody have any suggestions on what kind? I don't want them to reproduce so may a couple of males?
  14. Mike/Ande, I know this is a late response but then if I were to choose, I would take 20% of #12, 60% #18, 20% of #35 and then mix it thoroughly. I am not saying that some other particle size distribution will not work. This arrangement really is helping in lateral water movement.
  15. I am sorry Ande. Not done yet. I have several video clips.. will collate one for you.
  16. Good to see Brian! Haven't followed you on Pond Boss since I got banned temporarily. Have no interest in going back as I've gone in a completely different direction than recreational ponds. And the constant trolling of my threads got old too. Then to get banned for that didn't make much sense. The crazy thing was I was told by a mod to ignore the individual. That just made him mad. I tried to be nice and did not respond in kind. That worked for a while, but then he went ballistic when I did the thread on getting crappies from a local lake for brood stock. Said it was illegal blah blah blah. Had that from the director of my DNR. Absolutely not true. I'm even sharing my success with local biologists. My feed trained crappies were moved to an outside floating cage from the RAS. I'm going on vaca in a few weeks and don't want my 81 year old dad stressed by any issues that could come up in the RAS. I think I have about 75 very healthy crappies in the 5 to 6 inch range. I think they would have been bigger if I had not had so many fathead minnows competing in the pond I hatched them in. And I took them out really late in the year. (Live and learn). They are mixed with bluegills in a cage, but I think I'm going to separate them. Bluegills can be very aggressive. At least that has been my experience. I hope to post pictures in a different thread today if you're interested. My two cameras have gone kaput but I can use the wife's cell phone camera. Keep up the good work!
  17. It was Menards in Goshen, IN. Was at least 6 years ago so hopefully they have not changed suppliers, which is common for big box stores. It came in 6 foot wide rolls IIRR. OTOH, I'm not convinced roofing EPDM in general is toxic, and isn't the same as the stuff sold by pond suppliers. Perhaps some of the pond suppliers don't want you to purchase it cheaper elsewhere? God knows some of them have some serious markups especially in the aeration systems. In the least some scrubbing might be done to play it safe. I did recently purchase a piece 15ft. X 15ft. 45 mil of EPDM for ponds from Ebay to line my well pit, and it was reasonable with free shipping at $185.72.
  18. Hi vkn Is the video available any other place than on FB ? I'w tried to watch it, but not being on FB it seems impossible. cheers
  19. We had gone live on this new project recently. Here is a Live video, FYI.
  20. Its feeding time.. I feed twice a day. One tank is only channel catfish the other tank has a mix of bluegill and red eared sunfish. I try to coexist with the predators so i try to feed around the spider blocking the opening to the bg-res tank
  21. Interesting, which big box store if you don't mind me asking? I'm building a pondless waterfall at my brothers house and was thinking of testing roofing liner due to no fish or plants in it..and he is trying to keep costs down as much as possible and is on board with roofing liner if cheaper. I'm curious if it would say the same in my area. thanks for all the replies so far! Still digging through all this looking for solid answers
  22. Nice updates on your progress.
  23. I bought some roofing EPDM from a local big box store a few years ago and it had in white letters, "Safe for Aquatic Use."
  24. So I gave them a helping hand, all that was alive, still lives, and seems to be doing fine. all though one is a criple,it's got a weird twisted neck. 11 live ducklings now, 3 dead(fully developed) , 9 eggs no sign of hatch(leaving them in for another day) ,2 eggs not developed of 25 total. A bit disapointing % IMO cheers
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  26. By way of clarification...the 8% figure refers to the volume of sand that has a particle size of less than 0.25mm. While it includes silt, the majority of this figure is fine sand. You're actually looking for as little silt as possible and you'll get a sense of how much is in a given sample by leavingt the sample to settle after the turbidity test. The silt fraction will show as a dark line directly on top of the sand. Any clay particles, which are even lighter than the silt, will settle on top of the silt layer.
  27. Not going to well 4 by now a few more dead (fully developet), and no sign that the 9 last will start hatching Iff they aren't out by tomorrow I'll try to help them, even if I have bad experience with eggs/chiks that need help to hatch cheers
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