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  2. Hi BD Yes indeed, I do have a lovely back yard, a bit odd how one have to become "older" before reallizing or discover the ovious right in front of you, I guess one just take such for granted when younger ? I just found a nice website on chaga here I just discovered Chaga my selefe fairly recently (ignorance on my part) even if I'w seen them in the forrest for as long as I can remember I posted when and how I learned about it here I'w since harwested plenty and given alot away, to people that need/use it, but can't aford it, for medical purposes (cancer) cheers
  3. Looks like you have a lovely back yard Ande, What's Chaga?
  4. Ande, My problem is I don't have a functional camera right now. I usually use my wife's iPhone but she's not home during the day. I hope to inherit hers soon if she upgrades!
  5. Hi Cecil Next seining snap some pics please, and sheare here, I know you done it before, but they are "lost" (photobucket) so upload direct instead of 3'rd part hosts cheers
  6. Crappies were released free swimming into the pond a couple of weeks after going into the cage about the middle of June. Hadn't seen any trace of them until yesterday when I seined most of them out. They are now back into one of the RAS tanks for the winter with similar size bluegills and some tilapia. The hope is to get them back on pellets. They don't appear to have grown much if any over the summer but look otherwise healthy. My thinking is since they were hatched from wild stock it may take a few generations of selective breeding to get a better growth rate. At least I was able to get 75 of them feed trained is supposed to be difficult. Next spring I am going to attempt and cross white and black crappies. Black crappies are easily acquired locally and there is a reservoir not too far away where they are all whites. As a fish taxidermist the largest crappies I mount for customers are natural hybrids of the two.
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  8. I found the link to the guide I used here.
  9. That's some really nice work there!
  10. Did you get your problem fixed? It sounds very similar to blossom end rot that tomatoes experience if the calcium level is low. Adding the lime should help both the pH as well as the calcium level. Just a word of caution: be careful not to add powered lime straight to the fish tank as it can kill your fish.
  11. I had the similar thoughts a while back. What I found is the amount of heat to heat the air is close to 1/4 of the amount needed to heat the water. I even tried to heat the water by running water through pex pipe and blowing hot air from a forced air kerosene heater and it had little effect. What I did have success with was heating the water with a solar water heater and would get between and 8-12F degree rise in water temperature. There is a guide on how to make such an animal out of pex pipe and radiant heater aluminum panels. I used that and painted the panels with flat black spray paint. Another simple way of cooling the greenhouse during the day was to run a fan from a high point in the green house and direct the air flow onto an open section of water. The air cooled as it hit the water and the water gained some of the heat. This helped the greenhouse to keep from over heating during the heat of the day. There are many options to choose from, good luck to you.
  12. Hi Had a get together at my fostersons house last month, a family/friends "pick" your own duck day. cheers
  13. Hi I just love the fall,walking in the forest is like the best delicatesse marked place, this time a year. I hardly ever come home empty handed, but some days is special found this cauliflower mushroom a few days back, rear to me only found 3 of those earlyer also picked a nice litle load of other mushroom varieties Last month I found two nice chaga And it's all sort of "bonus" stuff picked or collected, when taking a walk or a hunting trip, more or less in my back yard Got this guy today cheers
  14. Hi Tyman Welcome to APN/HQ Load of threads/discussions on dual loop here When using "skretting" (one of the main quality fish feed producers) as search word you get a few threads/discussions on feeds cheers
  15. I have already started reading a few threads and I am exited about applying my fish experience with my green thumb. Starting small and keeping it simple for initial stability. This is an amazing resource. I am on Vancouver island and you wouldn't think we would even bother considering our wet coast lifestyle. I am also very excited about crossing over to water foul bird and potentially rabbit. As of right now starting with very small scale to work out formats and filter systems. I believe ( hypothesis) a transition system can be incorporated that can isolate both side without losing value. This would be so fish and plant sides can be optimizes with completely different temps and ph needs being met for optimized outcomes. No additives is also a big concern of mine. Pellet ( fish food) make up is also a major concern of mine. Any threads already covering these topics you can link me to? If you are on Vancouver island or maybe "that guy" I heard about in Prince George I am also interested in traveling to meet and share in person. Thank you Timon Anderson
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  17. BigDaddy, I've seen that trend here too. 1. Seasons seem stuck and don't change when they normally do. 2. Colder wetter springs.
  18. Hi Cecil, We're just coming out of winter in my neck of the woods. I've notice our mornings were a bit colder then normal with quite a bit more rain. it took a while for the cooler weather to go and it hasn't gone completely, by now we would expect quite a few in fact mostly nice warmer days, but up until now we've just had some with quite a few cooler days. Our wedding anniversary is coming up this weekend and the reason we chose to get married this time of year, all those years ago, was because of the high probability of getting a nice day and the day we got was superb. If our wedding was this year, the weather would be very much hit and miss. I don't know if this weather is a trend or if it is just happening this year, but already I'm looking forward to many more nice days ahead. Cheers.
  19. Hi Jack Welcome to APN/HQ You will only get a marginal amount heating, also if the air tube is runing thru cold zones, bevare of condens and posible iceplugs. cheers
  20. Here I snapped a pic of Common broom in my garden, they usualy flower in June/July (wich they did) it started flowering again 2 weeks ago (Sept./Oct.) It really sucks when/iff it's happening to the fruit trees, wich it often does in the last 10-15 year cheers
  21. Funny note on moving fish in with the tilapia: I had tilapia and bluegills in a tank a couple of years ago. The tilapia were much smaller, and the bluegills bullied them away at feeding time. However having a faster growth rate the tilapia caught up in size and got bigger than the bluegills. Then the tables turned! I have tilapia in two of the ponds with bluegills. They almost look alike and feed together although the tilapia seem o be a little more timid and stay closer to shore at feeding time vs. the suspended bluegills.
  22. Waiting for the weather to cool off so I can reduce the pounds per acre by moving them to a bigger pond. It's supposed to be close to 80 F. ( 27 C.) on the 14th of October! We usually have a frost by then!
  23. Interesting. Sad to hear all the toxic trash down there too. Makes sense as it all probably makes it's way to the deepest water of the oceans.
  24. Make sense as I'm reading that the northern latitudes are experiencing more warming relatively speaking than farther south. This in turn is causing a lot of buckling in the jet stream which causes record low and highs farther south (extreme troughs and ridges) along with more severe weather when colder than normal air makes contact with warmer than normal air.
  25. I live in northeast Tennessee were soon the temperature will start dropping. I'm running DWC in a greenhouse and have been thinking about options to maintain optimum air and water temperatures. I'm running 110 liter air pump with 12 air stones distributed throughout a 720 gal channels. Today, I thought about introducing warm air (e.g., at 100F) into the air pump inlet and wondered if the warm bubbles introduced to the water might provide a means for temperature control to both the water (roots) and air (leaves). To facilitate holding the heat in the air, I can add catipiller tunnels to the DWC channels overlaid with clear plastic. Any thoughts as to whether this has been tried, might work, and any thoughts wrt design? An option I thought worth considering for heating the air would be to require the air entering the air pump to pass through a heated pipe.
  26. Hi Cool creature cheers
  27. Hi Cecil We'w had above "normal" temps and more rain than "normal", around here for years. It's the "new normal" I guess. cheers
  28. temps in the northern hemisphere? Just doesn't want to cool down much here in the midwest USA. I would like to move my several hundred trout to a bigger pond that is not fed by borehole water, but can't do it as the water temps are consistently in the upper 60's up to 70's F. (20 to 25 C.) which is quite abnormal for the going on the middle of October.
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