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    Hi Praetor360 and welcome, You've come to the right place to learn. Enjoy the journey. Cheers.
  4. south africa

    Hi Praetor360 Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  5. south africa

    Hi all from south africa, starting this project to relax and enjoy the better things in life, hope to learn loads
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  7. Hi wilsonmj Welcome to APN/HQ Hopefully @Cecil see your post and chime in with some advice on this. Cecil is located in Indiana so the regulations might differ from Ohio, but he has run a few school projects along side with his commercial fish farming. cheers
  8. Hey All, I am a middle school teacher in Ohio and am working on a project with the local boy scouts. We would like to get some game fish at the fry stage in the fall and raise them in a 55 gallon tank. Then take them and release them in their pond in the spring. I have done this with a trout in the classroom project, but it has become more of problem with meeting the states requirement for where we have to release them. I have talked with fish and game about the type of fish, they suggested Bluegill, Redear Sunfish or Catfish for the pond. Here are my questions: How many fish should I get for a 55 gallon tank assuming I get them in the fry stage like 2-4 inches in length? Can I raise more than one breed at a time or should I just stick with one for now? Should we get something like crayfish to help clean up the tank naturally? Types of plants we should have? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi OP,

    I was just looking through the forum and see you popped in.

    Have you been well?

    What are you up to now days?

    I bought a new place about 18 months ago and at the moment and all things being equal this is where I plan to stay until I die. 

    Adjusting to very small back and front yards takes a bit of getting used to. but living close to everything and having all this fair city has to offer outweighs all of that by a long way.

    Just thought I'd say hi and take care.


  10. Ha, ha, ha, ha.....Very clever Ande... Well the expected top was actually 31C for Sunday not the 39C top which my app told me. A drop of 9C in 1 day, which is not uncommon so, you must be getting some nice warmth coming through now Cheers.
  11. Hi BD Yes please, keep it coming. I guess this should be called Climate exChange cheers
  12. I was wrong! Feed training success with the crappies was more like 50 percent. Once I graduated up another feed size to floating feed it was apparent not all of the 559 fish were feeding, although the ones that were feeding were feeding enthusiastically. So the other day I removed all fish that either looked like they were emaciated or not to full form of what I expect of a crappie. Ended up pitching about half. I'm not sad that it is 50 percent as that's still enough fish for what I want to do. I do know if they had been smaller initially I probably could have had a much higher success in feed training. I may get some black and white crappies this spring and see if I can produce some of my own. The blacks are easy to catch in a nearby lake but the whites will take a drive to a reservoir farther south about an hour and a half away. Here are two crappies from the tank. The one that is not feed trained or not feed training optimally is obvious. The skinnier one was not only narrow from the side but thin looking down from the top with a compressed lower abdomen. Notice the eye appears larger in the skinnier fish too. This is common in stunted fish.
  13. That's a beautiful place over there Ande, and I love the flowers. The temp reached a max of 40 C here yesterday. It would of been very hot in those V8's yesterday, flying around the 250 km's of the street circuit. Went into town last night and were people everywhere! Another 250 km's to race today with some relief from the heat expected We're heading for an estimated top of 39 C today. So let's pump some more temp into that tube for you.
  14. Hi BD Seems the tube is working fine now, maybe the angle Sam taped in to it makes the cold air from here drains out over there ? We had a few heat records here in February, +3,1C average "normal" for the month is - 1,9C average. A new all time high record set on the 26.Feb. + 18,7C Spring has sprung all snow gone now And the flowers are popping up all over Thanks a lot cheers
  15. If anyone's interested, I started a group on facebook geared toward small scale fish rearing systems and ponds where much of the equipment is DIY. Would love to have people share pictures and provide advice. Aquaponics is also invited.
  16. Hi chily Welcome to APN/HQ Nice drawings To your question, do you need a swirl filter No you don't, how ever you will be better off, with som sort of solids filtration. Swirl filters like in your drawings are fine, but you could use the chamber they are placed in, as a settling filter, just put in a number of baffles and drop the barrels. cheers
  17. Hi Max Welcome to APN/HQ This post marks a milestone on APN/HQ Forum Statistics 10000 Total Topics cheers
  18. It depends on your bio filter type size, mechanical filtration, and aeration. Can you tell us more about those? For commercial systems they really up the load rate with pure oxygen and ozone, and of course large capacity biofilters and solids removing capability. I'm guessing yours is not one of those?
  19. Hi Ande, Not sure if Sam got any actually...It's been freeeeeeeezing over there. The tube must be clogged up!!! No matter how much I pump into it, nothing seems to be coming out your end!!! We're heading for another week of high 30's and low 40's. Very hot for the V8 Super cars racing this weekend. Mad March in Adelaide. Cheers.
  20. I was wondering how many fish would be okay to raise to market weight in a 200-gallon pool/stock tank? I am thinking tilapia?
  21. Hi Kellen...thanks for the heads up. I've hit the "Follow" I'l keep an eye on it. Ande and Aufin are doing a great job. I'm also happy to respond to any questions.
  22. Hello! I am extremely new to aquaponics and while I have been researching awhile I am still very confused. I would like to set up a small outdoor system with a 60-gallon tank using goldfish. If I cannot do this I found an article about Shelf aquaponics that caught my interest. I'm still reasearching of course and I just thought I would introduce myself. Thanks! -Max
  23. @GaryD - Would you like to chime in on iAVS?
  24. Hello everyone, I would like to ask for your help. I have some experiences with aquarium aquaponic (approx 100 l system), but this is something else and I would like to consult this with the skilled users. It is necessary to use swirl filter in the setup I describe below? Buddy has a pond on backyard since June 2018, he's got trouts there and some perches there. The volume of the pond is approx 30,000 liters and is placed in shadow. He use pond filter GREEN RESET 100L (2x25W UV-C, 100 l volume, 16 000 l/h). We got the idea to make the aquaponic system and connect it to the pond by another pump. The AP system includes grow bed (750 liters of gravel) and raft (400 l volume). I design the system with swirl filter unit, but I would like to ask you if this is unnecessary. The raft should be clean, because the grow bed also works as a mechanical filter. But what growbed? Will it be necessary to filter the water from the mechanical particles from the pond? Should we add a worms, which could reduce detritus, but will it be enough in the outdoor environment? Swirl filter serve as "waterworks", where I can reduce all flows and shut down both grow units independently. When we make it withoutthree blue swirl filters it will be simpler and cheaper, but in grow bed will not be filtered water. How would you do that? Thanks a lot for the reaction, I hope I wrote all the information about the problem I apologize for my English and thank you for your help and your opinions.
  25. Hi cosmo Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  26. Hi Everyone just trying to grow year round Thanks Cosmo
  27. I second Ande's suggestion to give iAVs consideration. Aquaponics seems, to me anyway, to be a balancing act that requires monitoring on a somewhat regular basis. You need to be aware of your fish load with regard to the size of your setup, you will need an outside filter/separator for the solids, you will need a mineralization tank to turn the filtered solids into minerals the plants can use, and you will need to monitor the water ph and monitor the minerals that may/may not be present to produce nice veggies. With iAVs all of the above is pretty much taken care of in the sandbeds. Cruise around these sites to learn more about iAVs. There's more, but these should keep you busy for a while. If your goal is simplicity, flexability and forgiveness of rookie mistakes, I strongly recommend iAVs. And.......the iAVs sandbeds allow for growing a wider variety of vegetables than gravel and raft beds.
  28. Hi again Nope the sand will not get in the pump if properly designed. You can find a lot of info on IAVS here and in the download section here cheers
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