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  2. Recently, I watched a segment on a rural affairs program where one of the reporters went through the list of things that are being marketed as 'milk' including soy, almond, hemp and rice. It seems that the thing that the thing that they all have in common (aside from the fact that they have no connection with cows) is that they invariably contain little of the source product. For example, one brand of almond milk had as little as 2.5% almonds in it.
  3. Hi, I've been a bit thin on the ground lately but, happily, it has nothing to do with my health. It's almost three years since I completed my cancer treatment and my medical specialists continue to make positive noises. I've been travelling (three weeks each to Vietnam and South Australia) and working hard to integrate all of my interests and websites. I'm still working on iAVs and waste transformation farming. Over the past ten years, I made many friends on this forum. I wish you all well...and I'd love to hear from you again. Gary
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  7. Hi fb Welcome to APN Cheers
  8. Thanks Ande! I'll be sure to go thru them!
  9. Hi fb Welcome to APN/HQ We have a member from the Philipines that build systems, he has not been active on here for some time, but have his own website & youtube channel, so by reading his posts you'll probably fine some info of value and links to his sites cheers
  10. Hi Dave, I use Hydrated lime to raise the pH and HydroChloric acid to lower it. To raise my pH I dissolve Hydrated lime or builders lime(same thing over here but check the packet) in a bucket of water and add gradually to to fish tank...Generally I bump it up 1 or max 2 pH points per day until it gets to my desired pH level. I aim for 6.4 pH but bump it up to 6.8 and let it drop to 6.2 or 6.0 at the outside. If I need to lower the pH I use gloves and goggles Mix some Hydro Chloric acid in a watering can and gradually add to fish tanks. again I try to lower it as slowly as I can and I am very careful not to spill any on me or my clothes. It seems to me you have some issues with your media which is keeping the pH down. I'd persist and keep adding lime and hopefully sometime it will even out. I don't think this is causing the problem but I certainly think it will help to get the pH at around 6.4. Cheers.
  11. Hi All, I'm Ian, my wife and I recently bought and moved to a small but our very own house after years of renting. House still needs a few fixes to properly address problems which for the most part only happen when it rains but we are unfortunately only mid rainy season! Now that we no longer have the restrictions that came with renting an apartment and have enough space for some vertical garden system I've been looking into aquaponics. It's a struggle with the current state of our internet connectivity but hopefully I can find access to basic materials and build a prototype as I am still completely new to this subject! Will try to keep newbie questions as low as possible but do forgive me in advance because there will some
  12. Thanks for the reply. No I still don't know why the fruit on my plants (both cucumbers and watermelons) turn black and die. It's still happening, but with new shoots. I don't have a dedicated aeration pump. The water pouring back into the tank causes quite a disturbance with air bubbles forming deep into the water, so have not had any issues with oxygen. No fish have ever died, so I assume there is plenty of oxygen in the water, though I've never tested it (and don't know how to). My pH is currently 5.9 so going down. I've recently added a bag of seashells, but it's still staying low. How do you suggest I raise it?
  13. Hi Dave, I'd bump up the pH (slowly) to pH 6.4 I don't know what is causing your issues there, but I have a couple of questions. Have you found out what's causing your cucumbers to turn black? Also Have you taken some samples and your pics to the local garden store?.....In my part of the world I do that when I have issues and they are very helpful. And Do you have aeration? Let's know how you get on. Cheers.
  14. @vkn This is an impressive list of projects and good innovations. I have only recently stumbled across aquaponics and iAVS (took me a while to understand the differences) ! These seem to be the need of the hour in water scarce countries like India which have helpful climate to grow all year round, provided the right techniques are applied. I am closely related to a NGO in Hyderabad, India which shelters orphans and victims of domestic abuse, human trafficking and social abandon. They currently take up seasonal activities like handicrafts for festival seasons, to sustain their living. I am proposing this system for them to grow their own produce and sell any surplus to aid their livelihood. I have researched a bit on the availability of quartz sand in their area which is positive. I will be visiting India for 40 days from Nov to Dec 2017 during which I will setup a small scale 40sq.m. system for them to try out. If it works out, I plan to help them setup the system on their premises and their branches nationwide. You are an inspiration to learn from !! Thanks a lot for posting the updates for the younger generation to get inspired
  15. Now Maria is the concern.
  16. Its in my front flowerbed (not in my aquaponics) but i am thinking banana's in dallas (zone 8) is noteworthy... now it's a race to ripen before first freeze....
  17. And this Weekend high from Chennai! In their own words, "The first ever trial of corn in Circle of Life Aquaponics is a success. This is the first harvest, 20 mins ago. Amazingly perfect golden sweet corn. Weight of this ear of corn is 340 gms."
  18. Received this from Team Circle of Life Aquaponics, Chennai. I hope you all would like it. They are now 4 months old and their best stories are yet to come.. Let us wish the team all the best!
  19. You seem to be following a path that is typical for many of your countrymen. In the recent past, I've communicated with a number of Indian people who work in the UAE and who are looking to do iAVs back in India. Good luck with your endeavours.
  20. Hi Kellen, Wow!....300lbs is a lot of goat meat on the hoof. When I think of meat goat breeds, the Boer usually comes to mind. How does the Kiko compare with the Boer?
  21. @vkn for the last 6 years i have been working in Saudi Arabia.If things goes as planed by next year i wll back to home and start my own system
  22. We do a lot of stuff besides just aquaponics and aquaculture at the farm. One of those things we do is maintain a herd of about 20-30 goats (primarily meat goat breeds). Our two purebred AKGA registered Kiko herd sires for Fall breeding season will be JAW GUSTO (white) and MKG 38-15 ZEUS (black). Gusto is about 4 years old and tips the scales at nearly 300 pounds. Zeus is a little over 2 years old now and about 230 pounds, and will probably end up at about 300 as well, once fully grown. They're in full rut and ready to go right now, but they still have to wait about a month until the ladies are ready for them. Can't wait to see the kids they produce. They should be some really good ones! We'll have a lot of them too since most of our does twin every year. We could have up to about 30-40 kids in the spring. Always fun!
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  24. Hi Ainesh Welcome to APN/HQ Murrays original post is 9 years old, and he very rearly visit the forum these days, so I wouldn't expect a fast response to your Q above. cheers
  25. Murray, 0.2 - 2.0 ....... of what units (ppm or uS/cm or something else)?
  26. I wish you all the best. Three years is a long time. I am sure you may have learned quite a bit. Dont you think it is high time you apply your knowledge gathered, start an aquaponics system for yourself and then share your experiences. What is stopping you in starting a small unit for yourself?
  27. Sorry, Nsidibe...I've been busy elsewhere for the past months so I missed your post. During a recent trip to Vietnam, I supervised the build of a small IBC Sandponics system and that gave me firsthand experience of the difficulties associated with sourcing materials and equipment in some places. The availability of suitable sand has also been flagged as an issue by increasing numbers of people so I've created a sand test rig in an endeavour to determine if sand is suitable without the need to know its fractionation range. Gary
  28. @vknthanks for your kind replay, Yes I am the same one who is following you on FB For the last 3 years I have been spending more time on net to undestand AP. i think, sharing one's knowledge with a group of people who are also interested in the same will be more beneficial .So by creating the posts about AP on that FB group,i am trying to crate some constructive discussions rather than teaching .
  29. Arun, aren't you the one who is also following my FB profile and FB group? Good to see you choose to asking questions here. I have also read your recent aquaponics 'teaching' bouts at FB which is interesting. Volume to volume is about 1:1.5. Starter stocking density for tilapia I follow in my projects is as usual 100 fingerling fish per 1000L. I am currently traveling and do not recollect the exact length of this biofilter. I guess it is about 14 meters or so.
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